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Smart Airport Solution Propels Airport Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in the transportation industry has advanced rapidly through innovations such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and big data. Indeed, with their use now widespread, the aviation industry is quickly digitizing, but now shifting focus from speed to quality.

Such transformation poses several challenges for airports. Airport operational efficiency is often unable to cope with growing passenger traffic, while passengers increasingly expect an ultra-personalized experience. Elsewhere, new airport security challenges are constantly emerging.

To improve passenger satisfaction and airport operational efficiency, Huawei’s Smart Airport Solution uses the Horizon Digital Platform to integrate multiple new technologies, including AI, IoT, video cloud, big data, and an Integrated Communications Platform (ICP). The solution focuses on three airport business domains: operations control, security, and services. By building two scenario-specific solutions — One ID for Airport Travel and One Map for Airport Operations — the Smart Airport Solution streamlines passenger and flight flows, greatly improving the passenger travel experience as well as overall airport operational efficiency.

Building a Digital Base for Smart Airports on the Horizon Digital Platform

The Huawei Horizon Digital Platform optimizes and integrates new ICT, and converges data on the cloud. The platform promotes business collaboration and agile innovation, enabling customers to build a digital base for smart airports.

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