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Urban Rail Operational Communication Solution

Urban rail transit is an important part of urban infrastructure and the most convenient and safe transportation mode in cities. To maximize the advantages of urban railways, numerous countries are increasing their investment in the urban rail industry and developing ICT-enabled applications to provide more convenient transport services for the public. Meanwhile, emerging economic and technical trends are delivering new challenges to ICT construction in the urban rail sector.

To assist customers address these trends and challenges, the Huawei Urban Rail Operational Communication Solution adapts LTE wireless technologies and all-IP carrier networks.

  • Urban Rail LTE-M Solution

    The Huawei Urban Rail LTE-M Solution offers a complete set of train-to-ground wireless communications networks that meet the requirements for driving command, train control, passenger information, and onboard video surveillance services in urban rail transit scenarios. The solution features dedicated-frequency dual-network design that ensures reliable communications, long-distance coverage design that supports unified train-to-ground O&M, and multi-service unified carrier design. It addresses problems in current urban rail train-to-ground communications networks and improves overall operational efficiency.

  • Urban Rail Agile IP Network Solution

    To contend with the move towards IP-based and broadband networks, the Huawei Urban Rail Agile IP Network Solution provides next-generation urban rail carrier networks based on NE series routers and switches. The networks feature high security, reliability, flexibility, and unified transmission of multiple services.

  • Next-Generation Urban Rail DCS Solution

    Based on LTE technology and NE series routers, the Huawei Next-Generation Urban Rail DCS Solution provides urban rail signaling systems with optimal carrier networks that feature high-reliability design and multiple anti-interference capabilities. The flexible, reliable, and agile DCS networks turn over a new leaf in DCS systems.

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