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Urban Rail Cloud Solution

With significantly increasing scale and passenger volume, there is demand for urban rail lines to be integrated into multiple-line networks that require more efficient, smart operations. This growth poses new challenges to ICT systems:

• Automatic train operation requires extended reliable information systems and service linkage

• Urban rail lines operate independently and lack consistent service architecture, technical platforms, and data. Scattered IT devices cannot support unified operation of multiple lines

• Given the existing ICT architecture, it is difficult to share urban rail construction and operations experience or to innovate services

• Huawei’s Urban Rail Cloud Solution offers a secure, smart cloud platform that accelerates the transition from single-line to multiple-line operations

  • Cloud Platform at the NOCC and Station Virtualized Servers Implements Multi-Service Integrated Transmission and Resource Sharing

    The urban rail cloud platform centrally carries ISCS, AFC, PIS, ACS, CCTV, and other application systems. The platform integrates resources, and standardizes architecture and data. This contributes to resource sharing, on-demand allocation, and flexible scaling supported by holistic operations, collaborative services, standardized and normalized services and data, as well as unified and platform-based resources and architecture. The platform assists customers to transform from single-line to multiple-line operations, and lays a solid foundation for closer service linkage and Big Data analytics.

  • Intracity Remote Disaster Recovery Architecture Ensures High Reliability for Mission-Critical Services

    The hierarchical intracity remote disaster recovery architecture provides different services with specific reliability mechanisms such as an active-active for mission-critical services that eliminates service interruption and VM cluster backup, and other mechanisms for non-critical services. The VM live migration mechanism is also adopted to ensure service continuity even with faulty physical devices. The FusionSphere virtualizes computing, network, and storage resources into virtual resource pools and supports cluster deployment. Large-bandwidth DWDM networks are used for transmission. This scheme achieves dual-activation for mission-critical urban rail services between the active and standby data centers and ensures 24/7 service availability. The disaster recovery capabilities are significantly improved.

  • Network Border Isolation and Hierarchical Security Protection Ensure Reliable, Controllable, and Standards-Compliant Security

    The passenger services, management information, and safe operations networks in the urban rail cloud information system are isolated. An information security protection plan, in compliance with China’s national Level 3 information security standards, is used for the operations network. An overall security framework is also designed for the ICT-based cloud platform to guarantee effective security protection for the cloud platform, O&M, and infrastructure layers.

  • Modular Data Centers are Green, Energy Efficient, Reliable, and Quick to Deploy

    Energy-efficient modular data centers integrate power supply and distribution, cooling, security protection, power and environment monitoring systems, as well as cabinets. The modular design enables rapid deployment and meets energy saving and reliability requirements. Digital components supporting intelligent management, real-time running status monitoring, and automatic fault location improve O&M efficiency. Multiple energy-saving measures reduce the PUE to 1.45.

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  • Service Reliability

    Multi-level DR and active-active storage ensure the reliability of unattended train operation.

  • Improved Efficiency

    IT resource usage increased 10 percent to 50 percent, IT device procurement costs reduced by 16 percent.

  • Compatibility and Openness

    Hybrid cloud architecture enables innovative public cloud services for passenger and rail operations.

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