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Smart Store Makes Retail More Efficient

Mobile Internet has expanded into all aspects of daily life. In the retail industry, consumers want to receive the latest and most-comprehensive market information, and make the appropriate choices based upon their own preferences. On the other hand, retail enterprises hope to enable Wi-Fi solutions, use Big Data analytics to provide consumers with personalized information and segment analysis, to generate higher revenue.

Based on the Intent-Driven CloudCampus Solution, Huawei provides broadband services to consumers through a powerful Wi-Fi network, enabling retail enterprises to deploy networks rapidly, enhancing consumers’ stickiness; integrating data to support decision-making for various business units, and improving marketing effectiveness.

CloudCampus Smart Retail Solutions have successfully been fully deployed in China, Western Europe, Latin America, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia and other regions, in order to provide better business solutions for more retail customers.

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  • Reliable Wi-Fi Access Enhances Consumer Experience

    Consistently connected Wi-Fi guarantees a favorable consumer experience for the retail network.

  • Intelligent O&M Reduces Business Operations Complexity

    From deployment to operations, workforce and costs are reduced by the CloudCampus management platform.

  • Converges Wi-Fi and the IoT

    Align with ISV Partners to build a one-stop solution for retail customers that includes upgrading business operations and increasing marketing capabilities.

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