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Oilfield Production IoT

The IoT is an essential element of digital oilfields. Today’s oilfield production generally relies on many manual operations, resulting in a heavy labor workload and extensive costs. In addition, the production process has inadequate monitoring and precise control methods. As a result, production efficiency is low, and it is impossible to ensure the timely recording and accuracy of production data.

Against this backdrop, oil companies must capitalize on oilfield IoT to understand the dynamics of oilfield production and the real-time status of key assets and Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE). Huawei’s Oilfield Production IoT Solution helps oil companies monitor the running efficiency of production facilities in real time, optimize production management approaches and organizational structure, increase work efficiency, reduce labor costs, and possess strong data support for more effective decision-making. All these help accelerate the move towards all-digital oilfields and contribute to the digital transformation of oil companies.

  • Visualized Production
    An eLTE-enabled oilfield production IoT network fully carries the SCADA production data of oil and gas wells, and helps improve oilfield production efficiency while reducing labor costs and mitigating production risks.
  • Efficient HSE Management

    The use of eLTE chip inside wireless gas detectors can rapidly report an alarm once a risk is detected. This helps to prevent accidents and reduces losses. The oil and gas IoT makes it possible to use a single function-rich terminal for more effective inspection as well as audio and video communication. Precise tracking of personnel and assets improves dispatch and command efficiencies.

  • Efficient Collaboration

    An eLTE-enabled oilfield production IoT network and a dispatch console combine to organize an efficient production dispatch and command system. The oilfield production IoT network functions as the data collection and transmission platform. It can seamlessly work with trunking communications, telephony, vehicle-mounted, video surveillance, and videoconferencing systems for more efficient and collaborative work.

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  • Visualized Production

    Remote monitoring of the entire oil and gas production process through an oil and gas IoT network.

  • Lower HSE Risks

    Comprehensive and real-time status sensing of personnel, key assets, and high-risk areas to reduce HSE risks.

  • Efficient and Collaborative Work

    Combination of an IoT network with CCTV, PTT, videoconferencing, and telephony systems for collaborative work.


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