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Safeguarding Coal Mine Operations

Over recent years, cyber security has gained significant attention, with cyber attacks becoming more common in the industry, worldwide. To take just one example, Colonial Pipeline, the largest fuel pipeline operator in the United States, was paralyzed by a ransomware attack. Likewise, coal mine networks also face vulnerabilities and traditional mine defense measures are simply inadequate to handle the threat. With a growing number of mine security incidents in recent years — such as one that occurred in Shanxi province where office hosts were attacked and many production hosts were reset — mining enterprises urgently need to implement network level protection and security management.

Meeting the mandatory requirements of national security laws and regulations, Huawei's Network Security Protection Solution provides mining enterprises with network security level protection, ranging from transport network and computing host to service applications.



Consulting services, combined with triple protection solution, meet the requirements for high network security protection.

Solution Highlights

  • Comprehensive Consulting and Evaluation Capabilities, with E2E Network Security Protection

    Based on the current situation survey, perform gap analysis, and propose planning suggestions for the information security technology system, information security management system, and information security O&M system of the user unit based on the high standard network security protection, industry standards and specifications, and the actual information security situation of the user unit.
    In addition, the three-year objectives for information security construction of user units are specified, and the security construction funds are rationally used according to the strategy of "clarifying key points and ensuring key points" for hierarchical protection, to form a construction path for security planning.
    Based on customer requirements, construction objectives, and best practices, provide security solution design services based on Huawei network security protection. This service is applicable to large-scale security projects, providing the low-level design of the target security protection based on the construction objectives to guide smooth project delivery.
  • Huawei's All-Scenario Intelligent Mining Security Solution Builds a Three-Dimensional Proactive Defense System, Ensuring compliance of the regulation of mine enterprises

    Security management center: As the core of the defense system, the center provides system, audit, centralized, and security management, implementing intelligent analysis and control.
    Secure communications network: Implements domain-based and encrypted communication to ensure network architecture security.
    Security zone boundary: Built-in Machine Learning (ML) detection engine protects against known and unknown threats.
    Secure computing environment: In-depth defense for devices, networks, and clouds ensures application and data security.


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