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    Engineering Design Desktop Cloud Solution

    Improve the design experience with centralized data management and cloud-edge-device synergy to ensure data security.

Build Up HPC Infrastructure

In manufacturing, engineering design usually involves Research and Development (R&D) secrets. As such, systems must meet classified protection requirements and information must be managed in compliance with information security specifications, such as GB/T 35273-2017. However, it's difficult to audit and trace security events on desktop Personal Computers (PCs) since they cannot be managed in a digital nor systematic way.

In other words, engineering design now needs extremely High-performance Computing (HPC) and rendering. This is delivered through high-end hardware, such as high-performance Central Processing Units (CPUs), high-throughput buses, mid-range and high-end Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), and smooth displays.

Clear Benefits

Huawei's Engineering Design Desktop Cloud Solution offers computing, storage, network, virtualization, and high-performance desktop transmission protocols. It provides manufacturers with a secure, reliable, and smooth desktop cloud for engineering design.

  • Proven in the Field

    •According to IDC, Huawei has been the largest desktop cloud provider in China since 2016: this is technology already proven in the marketplace.
    • Over a decade of R&D investment is testimony to a commitment to on-going innovation.

  • Secure Information and Controllable Data

    • Data is stored on the cloud instead of PCs. A range of security access authentication mechanisms ensure data security from hardware such as chips all the way to service processes.

  • Superb Experience

    • Huawei Delivery Protocol (HDP), a high-definition desktop transmission protocol, has earned over 100 patents. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), it identifies network communication quality and switches transmission modes accordingly delivering the best possible desktop experience.
    • Supports 32-bit true color display on two 4K screens.

Device + Cloud Architecture Unleashes Engineering Design Productivity

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