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Intelligent Operation Center Solution

An intelligent operation center acts like a brain and central nervous system for Smart Cities, integrating and interconnecting information and processes. The intelligent operation center also provides a platform for technology, operation, and management:

Monitors city operations so professional staff can stay informed of conditions

• Accelerates emergency response with cross-agency collaboration

• Simulates city operations and facilitates intelligent decision-making with unified city development planning and data mining and analytics

• An open source data system offers personalized, ‘smart’ data services for citizens

Huawei’s Intelligent Operation Center solution is undergirded by a powerful, cloud-based Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure. What’s more, Huawei has teamed with experienced partners to provide comprehensive features such as city management databases, data support and resource services, cross-agency applications, and plans for building city operation centers. The Huawei solution includes:

• ICT infrastructure: An eGovernment cloud platform centrally allocates and manages IT infrastructure and data resources such as computing, storage, and network resources

• City management databases: Population, housing, macro economy, and geographic information support flexible data sharing and decision-making

• Data support and resource services: Exploit the full benefits of Big Data by converging data across geographically-dispersed industries

• Cross-agency service applications: City operations status displays for monitoring and alerts, collaborative handling and command of emergencies, simulation and unified planning, ‘open city’ data and information services, and cyber security management

• City operation center: Large-screen display, digital conferencing, sound reinforcement, video and audio switching, central control systems, and other facilities

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