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    Digital Tax

    Reducing tax administration costs, improving tax collection efficiency, expanding tax base, and improving taxpayer service quality.


Tax is a vital source of revenue for governments around the world. Indeed, the World Bank classifies countries with a tax-to-Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio below 15% as financially risky. Yet, today, tax departments worldwide are still facing an array of challenges, from low supervision efficiency to overly-complex taxpayer services, and weak decision-making capabilities.

Combining powerful, simplified, and intelligent network connections with full-stack, secure, and reliable hybrid cloud, intelligent computing, and intelligent data storage, Huawei's Digital Tax Solution digitally enables core services, digital transaction invoices, and intelligent tax decision-making. This effectively reduces tax administration costs, improves tax collection efficiency, expands the tax base, and improves service quality, helping governments increase tax revenue and improve the overall business environment.

  • Powerful, simplified, and intelligent network connections: Larger bandwidth, lower latency, more connections, simplified architecture, easy-to-operate devices, agile and open systems, and intelligent and easy Operations and Maintenance (O&M).
  • Full-stack, secure, and reliable hybrid cloud: The HUAWEI CLOUD Stack provides secure and reliable hybrid clouds through full-stack innovation.
  • Intelligent computing: Huawei's diversified computing power — Kunpeng + Ascend + x86 + GPU — enables both general and Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing.
  • Intelligent data storage: Converging storage, big data, database, and AI technologies to maximize the lifecycle cost-effectiveness and value of every byte of data.

Architectural Diagram

An architectural diagram of Huawei's Digital Tax Solution, which helps governments optimize tax revenue.

Core Values and Advantages

  • Advanced Performance

    High-performance storage, computing, and network products improve the core tax service experience, boosting End to End (E2E) efficiency.

  • Security and Reliability

    System availability of above 99.999% and Kunpeng + Ascend dual computing engines ensure the 24/7 uninterrupted operations of tax services.

  • Flexibility and Efficiency

    The cross-domain, multi-level, and heterogeneous hybrid cloud enables flexible and efficient Information Technology (IT) device management.