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DCI for the Intelligent Era

Digital transformation, the emergence of diverse new services, and unprecedented growth in data flows have forever altered the digital landscape. And in this new environment, a growing number of enterprises — notably Internet giants and Internet Content Providers (ICPs) — are turning to Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solutions to provide stable, reliable, ultra-broadband connections between their data centers.

However, in the intelligent era, bandwidth alone proves insufficient. Deployment, Operations and Maintenance (O&M), and security are all also integral to the long-term success of a network: Huawei’s DCI solution offers simplified deployment, intelligent O&M, and enhanced security features to help enterprises effectively execute their data center vision.

Why Huawei?

  • Ultra-Broadband Interconnection


    • 48T per fiber and 800G per wavelength
    • E2E 400G data flow without convergence or packet loss
  • Optical Access


    • All-optical switching, zero internal fiber connections
    • 5-in-1 optical boards, reducing footprints by 80%
    • 1 network for multiple purposes with FlexE
  • Smart Brain


    • Huawei-developed intelligent chips and algorithms enable fast service provisioning, effective fault prediction, and precise, rapid troubleshooting.

Related Solutions

  • Data Center Interconnect

  • CloudWAN Intent-Driven Data Center Interconnect

Data Center Interconnect Solution

Huawei DC OptiX DCI solution features optical-electrical integrated transmission devices designed for data center interconnection. Conquer the challenges in the intelligent era with a device that integrates simplicity, ultra-broadband, and intelligence.

dci img
CloudWAN Intent-Driven Data Center Interconnect Solution

Using the industry's largest-capacity 14.4T boards and supporting E2E 400G bandwidth, with additional support for the SRv6 protocol, enabling automated and seamless cross-domain service provisioning, shortening TTM to just one day.

  • NetEngine 8000 Series

    Next-generation, full-service, intelligent routers designed to serve as enterprise WAN core nodes, large enterprise network access nodes, DCI nodes, and campus or large-scale IDC network egress.

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  • Маршрутизатори із серії NetEngine40E

    NetEngine40E — повнофункціональні маршрутизатори, що виконують функції базових маршрутизаторів для корпоративних територіальних мереж (Wide Area Network, WAN), маршрутизаторів надання доступу для мереж великих підприємств, маршрутизаторів взаємозв'язку та агрегації для кампусних мереж, а також граничних маршрутизаторів для великих мереж міжнародних центрів обробки даних (International Data Center, IDC).

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  • NetEngine 5000E Series
    Cluster routers with high capacity, reliability, and intelligence, designed to serve as international gateways and core nodes on IP backbone and metro networks.
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