• SE-OTN Solution

    SE-OTN Solution

    Providing Large Transmission Capacity for
    AI-Enabled Sites


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SE-OTN Solution

The AI era has witnessed wide development and application of services such as AI-powered intelligent site inspection, intelligent detection, and AI-based centralized image analysis. These services raise increasingly higher requirements for upgrading and reconstructing industry production networks, office networks, and IoT, as well as higher requirements on network bandwidth, latency, reliability, and O&M in new service systems. The SE-OTN solution helps industry customers quickly build an all-optical network that features ultra-broadband, high reliability, and easy O&M, providing large transmission capacity for AI-enabled industry production.

Gain the Edge

0200 optical zoom

Zero optical layer

• Gray light uplink, free of optical-layer planning and commissioning, fast network construction
• SDH O&M habits inherited, no need to re-train O&M personnel

HD Broadband

10-fold bandwidth

• Beyond the SDH bandwidth limit of 10G
• 10G/100G uplink, continuous evolution to 800G

Continuous Security

High security and reliability

• E2E physical isolation through OSU, fifth-generation NHP
• Board, device, and network protection, achieving 99.999% reliability


Based on OSU, a fifth-generation NHP technology, the SE-OTN solution implements E2E OSU service transmission from the backbone network to the access network. The solution also uses lightweight and typical device types and configurations to more efficiently serve small and medium-sized sites, accelerating network upgrade and reconstruction of such sites and meeting their bandwidth, reliability, and O&M requirements.