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eA680-208 CPE

Huawei eA680-208 CPE (Customer Services Equipment) is an LTE wireless gateway. The eA680-208 exchanges data between wireless wide area networks and wired or wireless local area networks. Such a CPE can be deployed independently and in outdoor scenarios.

The eA680-208 supports 3GPP R11/R12 and provides the following functions:

Data service

Wi-Fi service

Security service

Local and remote maintenance 


Data routing



Product Name eA680-208 CPE
LTE Working Frequency Bands 814 MHz to 849 MHz (Band 26 UL)
859 MHz to 894 MHz (Band 26 DL)
703 MHz to 784 MHz (Band 28 UL)
758 MHz to 803 MHz (Band 28 DL)
452.5 MHz to 457.5 MHz (Band 31 UL)
462.5 MHz to 467.5 MHz (Band 31 DL)
WLAN 2.4 GHz to 2.4835 GHz
External Interfaces One USB port (for local maintenance)
One SIM card slot
One GE port
LED indicators One power status indicator
One heating status indicator
One signal strength indicator
One LTE indicator
Power Consumption < 25W (when the heater is on)
< 12W (when the heater is not on)
Power Supply PoE power supply: Meets the IEEE802.3at standard
PoE adapter: 100V to 240V input AC power; 54V/650 mA output DC power
Dimensions (W x D x H) 205 mm x 205 mm x 68 mm (does not include network connector and installation attachment)
Weight About 3 kg (power adapter excluded)
Waterproof and Dustproof IP67


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