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Програмне забезпечення OceanStor DJ для керування процесом зберігання даних як послугою

OceanStor DJ is an OpenStack-based storage management system that provides unified management of SAN, NAS, and Object storage to locate performance bottlenecks, improve usage, and provide protection in enterprise and cloud computing environments. OceanStor DJ virtualizes storage systems from multiple vendors into a programmable storage pool enabling service-based storage to be easily provisioned and managed.

The system delivers workload-driven storage resources on demand, with dynamic resource allocation and automated backup to simplify management and reduce TCO of storage. The results of the system are an increase in performance and stability in large-scale data centers.


  • DME connects to mainstream cloud management platforms and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) through open APIs, scripts, and plug-ins, enabling the smooth integration into the existing environments and service processes of customers.

  • Users simply need to log in to a software interface to complete resource provisioning, intelligent O&M, and data protection for data services, simplifying multi-device storage management.

  • DME centrally manages Huawei storage, third-party storage, switches, and hosts, all through a unified management interface and open southbound APIs.



Category Name Basic Version Advanced Version
Storage Resource Virtualization
Storage device management scale

Single-node deployment: ≤ 128
Three-node deployment (HA): ≤ 500

Service Deployment Automation Block storage services Volume creation, mounting, expansion, deletion, and information query and configuration of consistency groups
File storage services Share and unshare of CIFS and NFS files, query of shared information
Object storage services Creation and deletion of S3 buckets and Swift containers; information query
Data protection services based on array features NA Creation of volume snapshots, snapshots rollback, active-active volumes, and replication volumes
Creation of file share snapshots
Data Backup Backup service NA Supports volume creation with periodic backup capability
Create/recover/delete volumes based on backup copies
Support consistent group
Browser specifications Browser Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox


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