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Інтелектуальна розподілена система зберігання даних FusionStorage

FusionStorage is Huawei’s latest and greatest intelligent distributed storage product. It provides elastic on-demand services powered by cloud infrastructure and meets enterprise-grade key-workload requirements.

FusionStorage provides block, object, big data, and file storage for upper-layer applications, as required, and can be easily scaled-out to support the business of today and harness that of tomorrow. It delivers ultimate performance and comprehensive enterprise-grade features and works with Huawei 64-bit ARMv8 Kunpeng series processors to increase IOPS and reduce power consumption under the same hardware configuration.

FusionStorage helps enterprises build a brand-new, reliable, efficient, and intelligent storage service platform to enable large-scale agile data access in an intelligent world.

Get Ready for the Intelligent World with New-Gen Storage

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    Virtualization/Cloud Resource Pool

    FusionStorage provides an ultra-high quantity of data storage resource pools featuring on-demand resource provisioning and elastic capacity expansion in virtualization and cloud environments. It improves storage deployment, expansion, and O&M efficiency using general-purpose servers. Typical scenarios include internet-finance channel access clouds, development and testing clouds, cloud-based services, B2B cloud resource pools in carriers’ BOM domains, e-Government cloud, and Safe City cloud.

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    Mission-Critical Database

    FusionStorage delivers enterprise-grade capabilities, such as distributed active-active and stable low latency, to ensure efficient and stable operations of mission-critical databases (OLAP/OLTP).

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    Big Data Analytics

    FusionStorage provides industry-leading decoupled compute and storage solutions for big data, which integrates traditional data silos and builds a unified big data resource pool for enterprises. It also leverages enterprise-grade capabilities, such as elastic EC, I/O aggregation, and cross-region deployment to improve big data service efficiency and reduce TCO.
    Typical scenarios include big data analytics for finance, carrier (log retention), government, and Safe City.

More FusionStorage Solutions

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    Content Storage/Backup and Archiving

    FusionStorage provides enterprise-class object storage resource pools with high performance and reliability to meet requirements of real-time, online, and frequently accessed services like Internet data, online audio and video, and enterprise web disks for long-term storage and online access.
    Typical scenarios include production storage, backup, or archiving for financial check images, dual recording (audio/video), health care images, electronic documents for governments and enterprises, and Internet of Vehicles (IoV).

Listen to Our Customers

  • 0103

    China Merchants Bank: FusionStorage Hosts Critical and Emerging Workloads

    FusionStorage hosted development, testing, internet channels, and big data and AI services, speed up resource provisioning by 10 times and reduce TCO by 40 percent.

  • 0203

    China Mobile: FusionStorage Accelerates Critical Services

    China Mobile (Liaoning) leverages FusionStorage to replace legacy high-end storage devices for critical services, shortening the report analytics time by 80 percent and facilitating real-time operational decision-making.

  • 0303

    China Telecom: FusionStorage Builds a Large-Scale Cloud Resource Pool

    FusionStorage constructed PB-level distributed storage resource pools for BOM critical services of China Telecom (Zhejiang). Rapid deployment and simple O&M allow fast Time-To-Market (TTM) for new services, and flexible scale-out and linear increase of performance and capacity accelerate cloud service expansion at scale.



Model FusionStorage1
System Architecture Fully distributed architecture
Scalability 3 to 4,096 nodes
Data Redundancy Protection Erasure Coding (EC), multi-copy modes
System Security Policies Disk, node, and cabinet levels
Enterprise-Class Features Snapshots, linked clone, data encryption, active-active, asynchronous replication, automatic thin provisioning, deduplication and compression, and QoS
Deployment Methods Independent and converged deployment of compute and storage nodes
Compatible Networks TCP/IP, RoCE (RDMA), and InfiniBand
Compatible Platforms Huawei FusionSphere, VMware vSphere, OpenStack, and containers2
Compatible Storage Media NVMe SSDs, SAS SSDs, SATA SSDs, SAS HDDs, NL-SAS HDDs, and SATA HDDs

Notes:1. FusionStorage block storage specifications.
          2. iSCSI can be connected to containers.


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