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Challenges for Mass File Storage

With more and more companies going digital, the files associated with Research and Development (R&D) and production are becoming increasingly essential. How enterprises store, manage, share, and use these files will therefore play a huge role in determining the efficiency of future operations.

  • Explosive Growth of Unstructured Data

    The number of small files is growing at unprecedented speeds, causing Operations Per Second (OPS) to drop.

  • Diverse File Processing

    Although file networking is a relatively simple process, it places high requirements on the network environment, permissions, and security.

  • Service Continuity and R&D Efficiency

    As files have now become production assets, enterprises must ensure zero data loss and uninterrupted access.

Why OceanStor Dorado NAS?

  • Cross-Platform Protocol Sharing and Comprehensive File Management

    Supports multiple protocols — Service Message Block (SMB) V2.0/3.0, Network File System (NFS) V4.1/3.0, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) — to facilitate cross-platform file sharing; provides comprehensive data protection — such as cascaded snapshots, clones, sync. and async. replication, Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) backup, and antivirus — for reliable core files; and supports permission control policies, including tenant, quota, audit, multi-factor authentication, separation of rights, encryption, and destruction.

  • Innovative Distributed File System with High Performance

    FlashLink intelligent algorithms and the End to End (E2E) Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe) protocol improve OPS by 30% and bandwidth by 50%. The distributed file system is also shared globally and uses the directory balancing algorithm to eliminate controller bottlenecks, whereas the intelligent layout algorithm achieves 30% faster file traversal and location. This all-new hardware architecture simply provides a premium user experience.

  • Enterprise-Class Data Protection for Always-On Services

    SmartMatrix 3.0 fully-interconnected active-active architecture ensures services remain running stably even if seven out of eight controllers fail or an entire controller enclosure fails. The Solid State Drive (SSD) wear and anti-wear leveling also achieves 3 million hours of Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and the innovative Redundant Array of Independent Disks-Triple Parity (RAID-TP) tolerates the simultaneous failure of three disks, effectively addressing data protection issues in large-capacity SSDs. In addition, the HyperMetro gateway-free active-active solution for Network-Attached Storage (NAS) implements load balancing between two sites, with a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of zero and a Recovery Time Objective of approximately zero.

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