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Ever Solid

From 4-Level Reliability to the Most Stable High-End All-Flash Architecture

Sustains 7 out of 8 Controller Failures with 0 Service Interruption

  • Component

    MTBF: 2.5 million hours Global wear leveling, Huawei-patented global anti-wear leveling
  • System

    SmartMatrix: fully-interconnected architecture RAID-TP: Tolerance for simultaneous failure of 3 disks Intelligent DAE,15 minute reconstruction time for 1 TB of data
  • Solution

    HyperMetro: 1 ms failover FlashEver: 0 data migration
  • Cloud backup

    Gateway-free backup to the cloud 30X higher backup frequency and 20X faster backup speed
Component reliability

Huawei SSD

An integrated range of technologies prolongs service life, including Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) code error correction, global wear leveling, anti-wear leveling, and flash-ice heat dissipation. With a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of three million hours, Huawei SSD reliability leads the industry.

System reliability

0 Business Downtime

The fully-interconnected Active-Active architecture SmartMatrix delivering higher reliability that:

  • Sustains 7 out of 8 controller failures
  • Sustains 1 out of 2 controller enclosures failure

RAID-TP and Intelligent DAE Technology

Three simultaneous disk failures are tolerated without interrupting services.

Reduces the time to reconstruct 1 TB of data from 10 hours to just 15 minutes.

Traditional RAID

10 hours


0.25 hours
Solution reliability

HyperMetro Gateway-Free Active-Active Solution

Cloud reliability

Converged Data Management

Providing industry-leading self-protection for storage in a multi-cloud environment, the system unifies management of disaster recovery, backup, and data reuse.


Optimal Cost and Value per Bit

FlashEver business mode:
No data migration across 3 generations of systems for 10 years

Unleashing the value of data, powered by innovative intelligent accelerator module

  • 50%

    higher cache hit ratio to improve performance

  • 40%

    shorter batch service processing