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Select the Best Products for Your Business

  • FusionDirector

  • eSight Server

  • iBMC

  • FusionServer Tool Package

  • Management Plug-ins


Purpose-designed to manage servers throughout their entire lifecycles, with intelligent O&M functions that cover maintenance, upgrades, monitoring, energy consumption, and deployment.

esight server cluster management software

eSight Server is the centralized management software for entire-lifecycle server management. It enables rapid delivery, comprehensive monitoring, automated configuration and upgrade, and simplifies enterprise infrastructure management.

intelligent baseboard management controller

The core of server management, iBMC, uses the Hi1710 BMC chip developed by Huawei to provide refined management and control for servers. iBMC adopts multiple innovative technologies and maximizes RAS features — all to improve server reliability, availability, and serviceability.

fusionserver tools package en

Huawei provides a series of server O&M tools to match the various application scenarios and rapid changes in the enterprise market, making server O&M more convenient and efficient.

management ecosystem en

Huawei server management software can be integrated with industry mainstream management systems (including Microsoft System Center, VMWare vCenter/VRealize, and Nagios), allowing for ecosystem sharing and protecting customer investment.

Why Huawei Servers?

  • Intelligent
    Intelligent Installation, Automatic Delivery

    Supports automatic device discovery, automated management of IP address configuration, intelligent configuration deployment, and automatic batch deployment. 1,000 servers can be installed and configured in one day, improving delivery efficiency by up to 100%.

  • Low Latency, No Loss
    Proactive Prevention, Fast Diagnosis

    Supports 24/7 alarm monitoring, remote notification, performance management, and tools such as the device simulation panel and topology view to implement visualized diagnosis, reducing 80% server downtime.

  • Digital Operations
    Intelligent Upgrade, Simplified O&M

    Supports online version detection and automatic version comparison, implements process-based upgrade tasks, provides an online firmware packaging tool, and is compatible with multiple types of devices and components, improving O&M efficiency by up to 80%.

Find the Right Server Solutions

  • 0103

    Рішення SAP HANA

    Технологічне рішення від компанії Huawei SAP HANA — це ідеальний спосіб збільшити швидкість процесу розроблення особливо важливих застосунків у таких сферах, як планування ресурсів підприємства (Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP), а також швидко та ефективно створювати сховища даних.

  • 0203

    Рішення для високопродуктивних обчислень

    Huawei’s HPC solution is critical to scientific research, government, industry, and national defense. This system is often the main solution for running complex theoretical models and experiments.

  • 0303

    Atlas — обчислювальна платформа на базі штучного інтелекту

    Huawei Atlas AI Computing Platform is powered by Huawei Ascend series AI processors and mainstream heterogeneous computing components.


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