• Huawei OptiXstar A800 case-shaped OTN CPE pc

    Huawei OptiXstar A800 Case-Shaped OTN CPE


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Huawei OptiXstar A800

Huawei OptiXstar A800 Case-Shaped OTN CPE

Huawei OptiXstar A800 is fixed-configuration Optical Transport Network (OTN) Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) mainly used in tail-end access scenarios, providing reliable premium OTN private line solutions for governments and enterprises. 

OptiXstar A810 A supports multiple interface types, including E1 and FE/GE, with a maximum line-side upstream rate of 2.5 Gbit/s.

Highly Reliable Transmission

Compact, Secure, Reliable

Compact and energy-saving design, with OTN hard pipes, physical service isolation, exclusive bandwidth, and high security and reliability.


Plug-and-Play in 30 Minutes

Easy to install, supporting multiple installation modes (such as on a desk or on a wall). Network Cloud Engine (NCE)-based management and control, with a latency map and E2E management of private line services.

Most Diverse CPE Types

Multiple Ports Covering All Access Scenarios

Mainstream service access such as GE/FE/E1, and line-side 1+1 protection.


Item Huawei OptiXstar A810 A
Dimensions (H x W x D)  43.6 x 250 x 180 mm
Client-side Capacity 4 x E1 + 2 x GE/FE(o) + 2 x GE/FE(e)
Line-side Capacity 2 x OTU1/STM-16/STM-4/STM-1
Service Model EoS, EoSoO, and EoO
Protection Type OTN: ODUk SNCP
TDM: SNCP and 1+1 linear MSP
Power Supply DC power supply: –48 V/–60 V
AC power supply: 100–240 V
Weight 1.5 kg
Installation Mode On a desk, on a wall, or in a cabinet
Physical-Layer Clock Supported
Ethernet OAM Supported
Latency Measurement  Supported
Latency Map Supported

Technical Support