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Контролер Agile Controller-Campus

The Agile Controller-Campus is Huawei’s next-generation controller for campus and branch networks. Used in multiple innovative solutions, such as automatic network deployment, policy automation, and SD-WAN, the Agile Controller-Campus reduces Operating Expenses (OPEX) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs of enterprises, accelerates service cloudification and digital transformation, and makes network management more agile and network O&M more intelligent.

The Agile Controller-Campus supports various application scenarios, such as CloudCampus, SD-WAN, and user access management.

Best Option for Campus and Branch Networks

  • CloudCampus

    Provides network service automation including planning, deployment, O&M, and PMI. Supports multi-tenant management to help MSPs provide managed campus network services. Provides open application APIs to flexibly expand enterprise campus network services.

  • SD-WAN

    Helps enterprises to build an application-aware, cost-effective, easy-to-maintain, and on-demand enterprise interconnection solution, facilitating fast innovation of enterprise services. Supports zero-touch provisioning, intelligent traffic steering, and visualized O&M.

  • User Access Management

    Provides unified user access and management for employees, guests, and administrators to ensure service policies and experiences including user rights, QoS, and bandwidth. Supports multiple authentication protocols, such as 802.1x, Portal, MAC address, and TACACS.





User-centric Management
  • Based on services and performance requirements to optimize the end-user experience
  • Limits labor-intensive manual configuration using natural language planning and automatic deployment
Openness and Interoperability
  • Interconnects social media to simplify guest access and promote secondary marketing
  • North and southbound interfaces open up valuable information for developing applications
Reliable, Flexible Architecture
  • Centralized, distributed, and hierarchical deployment modes for different application scenarios
  • Comprehensive high availability solutions to ensure continuity
User Group Management
  • Manage up to 20 sub-group layers
  • Multiple role management for single users
Guest Management
  • Connect with registered or unregistered accounts
  • Connect by scanning QR codes
  • Connect using social media such as Facebook and Twitter
Guest Policy Management
  • Multiple approval modes including non-approval, administrator, email link, and QR code
  • Notifies guests of account and password changes via email, SMS messaging, and the Web
  • Set account validity periods
  • Configure password policies for characters
  • Set guest access permissions
Portal Page Management
  • Pre-configured portal page templates with wizard-based customization
  • Page customization for PCs, tablets, and phones
  • Templates support various operations, including text, image, near video-on-demand, colors, hyperlinks and previews
  • Multiple language pages, including simplified and traditional Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and French
  • Pushing portal pages based on different conditions, including terminal location, device type, access SSID, and time
  • Centralized networking for less than 10,000 terminals
  • Distributed networking for large-scale branch networks
  • Hierarchical networking for large-scale scenarios requiring hierarchical management


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