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Джерело безперебійного живлення UPS2000-A (1... 10 кВА)

UPS2000-A is a tower-mounted, online double-conversion power system that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power. The capacity ranges from 1 kVA to 10 kVA and is up to 96 percent efficient. It applies to small-space installation scenarios where no rack is available, and attended operations are not necessary. In addition, the UPS2000-A provides optional components, such as a monitoring device and Element Management System (EMS), to deliver comprehensive solutions for small and medium-sized power supplies.




UPS2000-A-1 kVA

UPS2000-A-2 kVA

UPS2000-A-3 kVA

UPS2000-A-6 kVA
UPS2000-A-10 kVA

Rating Capacity

1 kVA/0.8 kW

2 kVA/1.6 kW

3 kVA/2.4 kW

6 kVA/5.4 kW
10 kVA/9 kW

Input Output Wiring

L + N + PE

L + N + PE/L + L + PE

Rated Voltage

220V/230V/240V AC

208V/220V/230V/240V AC 

Battery Voltage


24V DC

48V DC

72V DC

192V to 240V DC  192V to 240V DC  


36V DC

72V DC

96V DC

192V to 240V DC  192V to 240V DC 

Overload Capacity

  • < 110% load: 10 minutes
  • < 130% load: 1 minute
  • ≥ 130% load: 3 seconds
  • 125% overload for 5 minutes
  • 150% overload for 1 minute

Output PF


0.9  0.9 





96%  96% 


< 50 dB @ 1 meter

D x W x H


282 mm x 145 mm x 220 mm

397 mm x 145 mm x 220 mm

421 mm x 190 mm x 318 mm

605 mm x 250 mm x 580 mm 605 mm x 250 mm x 580  mm
Long-backup  282 mm x 145 mm x 220 mm 397 mm x 145 mm x 220 mm
397 mm x 145 mm x 220 mm 605 mm x 250 mm x 580 mm
605 mm x 250 mm x 580 mm  


USB, RS232 (optional RS485/dry contact card)

USB, SNMP, RS485, and dry contact card

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