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Інтелектуальний міні-центр обробки даних FusionModule500

FusionModule500 is mainly used in edge outlets to provide an integrated infrastructure solution for sectors like finance, government, education, medical, public security, and small to medium-sized enterprises.

FusionModule500 breaks the traditional data-center construction modes and integrates power distribution, UPS, monitoring, and batteries into one cabinet, greatly reducing footprint and costs. All components are prefabricated, pre-installed, and pre-tested. The installation and deployment can be completed within two hours on site, meeting the requirements of rapid service roll-out and batch replication. Equipped with an smart management system and mobile O&M App, remote and unified management of massive outlets and smart O&M enable unattended equipment rooms and reduce O&M labor costs.

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    FusionModule500 helps ICBC to build intelligent outlets

    ICBC has more than 17,000 outlets in China. The general use of traditional construction modes occupies a large footprint and incurs high rent with no monitoring, which presents intense O&M pressure. Huawei’s FusionModule500 integrated solution reduces the construction footprint by 50 percent and lowers rent costs. The set standard interface provides technical support for future centralized monitoring and unified management.




FusionModule500 Smart Mini Data Center

Dimensions (W x D x H) 600 mm x 1,100 mm x 2,000 mm (42U), 600 mm x 850 mm x 1,200 mm (24U)
Number of ICT Cabinets 1 to 2
UPS Capacity     3 kVA/6 kVA/10 kVA
Power Input 220V (1 Ph, 50/60 Hz)
Reliability Tier I
Altitude 0m to 4,000m (derated above 1,000m)
Installation Methods Can be installed directly on a cement floor, can also be installed on a raised height floor
Cooling Natural heat dissipation
Power backup mode                Battery cabinet, battery pack, or battery rack

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