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NetCol8000-A In-Room Air Cooled Smart Cooling Products

In-room, air cooled NetCol8000-A smart cooling products are suitable for small- and medium-sized Data Centers (DCs), power distribution rooms, and small computer rooms.

Configured with a high-efficiency DC inverter compressor, Electronically Commutated (EC) fan, and Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) for on-demand cooling, NetCol8000-A provides energy savings of more than 30% at partial load, compared to fixed-frequency systems, helping build next-generation, green data centers.

Offering stepless capacity with high efficiency at partial load, plus operation without heated water, NetCol8000-A offers energy savings of more than 95% compared to electrode humidifiers.

The NetCol series of cooling products have been deployed around the world, and are used in carrier, Internet Service Provider (ISP), government, finance, transportation, energy, medical, and education sectors.



Unit Model Uniit NetCol8000-A045D/U NetCol8000-A060D/U NetCol8000-A090D NetCol8000-A120D
Air Discharge Direction - D: Downflow; U: Upflow
Total Cooling Capacity1 kW 45 60 90 120
Sensible Cooling Capacity kW 45 60 90 120
Air Volume m3/h 11250 14500 22500 29000
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 380/400/415Vac, 50/60Hz, 3Ph+N+PE
Heating Capacity2 kW 6 6 12 12
Humidifier Capacity2 kg/h 4.5 6 10 10
Full Load Current A 36(40) 41(45) 72(80) 82(90)
Dimension: W×D×H mm 900*900*2000 1100*1000*2000 1800*1000*2000 2200*1000*2000
Net Weight kg 355 400 643 772
1. Nominal condition: indoor return air 35ºC/26%RH, outdoor 35ºC.
2. The current data in brackets are applicable to the indoor unit with electric heater & humidifier (Optional).
3. NetCol8000-A045 and NetCol8000-A060 is a single-system unit. NetCol8000-A090 and NetCol8000-A120 is a dual-system unit.
Unit Model NetCol8000-A013U
Air Discharge Direction Upflow
Total Cooling Capacity¹ 13 kW
Sensible Cooling Capacity 11.7 kW
Air Volume 3600 m3/h
Power Supply Voltage 380–415 V, 3 phase, 50 (60) Hz
Refrigerant R410A
Heating Capacity (Optional) 4 kW
Humidifier Capacity (Optional) 3 kg/h
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1886 x 800 x 664 mm
Net Weight² 141 (153) kg


1. Nominal cooling condition: 24°C return air dry bulb temperature, 50% relative humidity, 35°C outdoor temperature.

2. The number in parenthesis is applicable to units with an electric heater and humidifier.

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