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What Is CloudIVS?

With the rapid and vast accumulation of data in recent years, single independent applications have become insufficient for data sharing and application collaboration. To simplify collaboration with third-party applications, Huawei CloudIVS decouples software from hardware and algorithms from applications. In addition, it provides large-capacity and high-concurrency video access, storage, forwarding, analysis, and search capabilities for comprehensive surveillance across industries. By adopting a distributed architecture of "powerful center + agile edge", Huawei CloudIVS leverages full-stack cloud services (management, maintenance, and usage) and enables better resource scheduling, data collaboration, multi-algorithm concurrency, and task collaboration. The powerful center implements multi-dimensional centralized management across areas, while the agile edges respond quickly to local service requests.

With a strong focus on collaboration, Huawei CloudIVS integrates the best-in-class industry applications from partners to build an open ecosystem, and enables resource sharing among service components.

Device-Cloud Synergy, Matrix Intelligence

  • Resources: Cross-Level, Elastic Scheduling

    When there are insufficient resources in a particular area, a resource collaboration request can be sent to the center node. which shares resources on demand, and creates multiple data analysis tasks. It then sends the analysis results including features and structured data to the lower-level departments.

  • Data: On-Demand Data Aggregation with Accelerated Search Functions

    The distributed search function of the CloudIVS enables each area to return valuable data such as key time segments, accompanying vehicles, and people that frequently enter or exit a place – all in a matter of seconds. This helps big data analytics to integrate data from multiple sources and make a more comprehensive analysis.

  • Algorithms: Unified Management and On-Demand Dynamic Loading

    The center builds an open-ended algorithm ecosystem to implement unified management and integrated, innovative algorithms. Based on requirements, each area dynamically loads and continuously iterates algorithms online in order to focus on their practical businesses.

  • Tasks: Data Anonymization for Cross-Domain Object Tracking

    The center creates alert tasks with sensitive data that is encrypted and anonymized, allowing for multi-level task collaboration across areas, platforms, and algorithms. In this way, an object can be tracked in real time on the entire network, significantly improving cross-domain analysis efficiency.

Why Huawei?

  • why 01

    Intelligent All-Cloud Architecture

    Huawei CloudIVS adopts the all-cloud architecture to implement resource sharing, service collaboration, elastic scheduling, device-cloud layered intelligence, and one-click deployment of global tasks, meeting practical burst service requirements and maximizing resource utilization for your enterprise.

  • why 02 v2

    Enriched Ecosystem

    Huawei CloudIVS uses the algorithm repository architecture to decouple algorithms from resources and quickly integrate them with third-party algorithms. Through global collaboration with more than 500 partners and 100 solution vendors, Huawei has established OpenLabs to build local application ecosystems based on standard APIs and propel innovation in your business.

  • why 03 v2

    Thriving in Any Industry

    CloudIVS solutions have been deployed in more than 500 cities across more than 100 countries around the world, reaching in excess of one billion people. With experience serving customers, enterprise, transportation, and other sectors, Huawei is a reliable choice across a wide variety of industries.

CloudIVS Architecture

  • Open-Ended Platform

    On-demand, optimal applications

    Huawei CloudIVS builds an AI service enabling platform and provides an algorithm supermarket through powerful video algorithm training, reasoning, and search engines. The algorithm supermarket allows independent upgrade, replacement, and combination of person- and vehicle-related algorithms from multiple vendors.

    All-Cloud Sharing

    Video viewing anytime, anywhere

    Huawei CloudIVS, centering on video surveillance lifecycle management, integrates video, checkpoint images, and structured data resources to meet data processing requirements in different scenarios and improve data transfer and processing efficiency between systems.

    Distributed Matrix Intelligence

    Video analysis anytime, anywhere

    Huawei CloudIVS builds a complete platform covering the center and edges through the Atlas G series heterogeneous servers, ensuring super computing power of the center and supporting powerful intelligence of the edges.

Products to Fit Any Business

Huawei CloudIVS in Various Industries

  • Transportation5 solutions industries black transportationПеревезення
  • campus industriescampus industries blackIntelligent Campus
  • jichanganbao

    As an airport security manager…

    My responsibility is to ensure the safety of more than 100,000 passengers at the airport every day. Top-of-the-range object tracking technology allows us to identify various points of interest.

    Huawei HoloSens IVS3800 uses ultra-high computing power to build cloud intelligence. A single Huawei HoloSens IVS3800 server supports over 200-channel intelligent facial analysis without replacing legacy common cameras, saving initial investment. To ensure quick and accurate case analysis and guarantee travel security, the open-ended architecture enables rapid rollout of applications from ecosystem partners and accurate selection of the optimal application as required.

  • Industry 03 v2

    As the director of a middle school’s security department…

    My job is to ensure the onsite safety for over 3000 teachers and students as well as over 100 vehicles, and restrict access to external personnel and vehicles. A highly integrated security system with a unified interface can considerably improve the management.

    A Huawei HoloSens IVS3800 server can connect to and store video and images from all on-campus cameras, sharply reducing the equipment room footprint and device maintenance costs.

    Additionally, it can utilize face capture cameras in key areas for intelligent analysis and data search.


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