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AR1000V Virtual Router

The AR1000V can be deployed as a vCPE in the enterprise HQ (hub site), at the Point of Presence (PoP), or on the cloud in SD-WAN scenarios.

Leveraging the industry-leading Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), the NFV can provide various service capabilities and functions, including routing, switching, security, VPN, and QoS, and implement software and hardware decoupling, easy service deployment, and intelligent O&M.

The AR1000V extends enterprise WANs to the cloud, improving the cloud service experience for enterprises.



Specifications AR1000V
Forwarding Performance 1 to 20 mpps (depending on VM resources)
vCPU 1 to 16 vCPUs (depending on the throughput and service scenarios)
Memory Capacity 2 GB to 16 GB (depending on the throughput and service scenarios)
Storage 10 GB
Number of vNICs 2 to 16 (depending on the throughput and service scenarios)
  • DiffServ mode, traffic policing (CAR), traffic shaping, MQC (traffic classification, traffic behavior, and traffic policy), and hierarchical QoS
  • Smart Application Control (SAC), which can identify and limit the rate of P2P traffic and IM traffic
  • Priority mapping, congestion management, and congestion prevention
  • Interfaces in active/standby or load balancing mode
  • VRRP and BFD
  • ARP security, ICMP attack defense, URPF, and extensive authentication modes, such as PKI, ACL, and AAA
  • IPS security functions, supporting online signature database upgrade and preventing attacks such as Trojan horses, worms, and viruses
  • Packet filtering firewall and firewall security zone
  • URL filtering, blocking access to websites with specified domain names
Management and Maintenance
  • Upgrade management and device management
  • Extensive network detection technologies, such as NetStream, NQA, IP FPM, TCP FPM, and TWAMP
  • Network management using CLI, web, SSHv1/v2/v3, and CWMP


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