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Термінал для встановлення відеоконференцзв'язку типу «все в одному» TE30

High-Definition video conferencing is made easy with the Huawei TE30 All-in-One endpoint device. Camera, microphone, and HD codec are integrated into a compact IP-based device that is easy to install and begin using.

Intelligent voice dialing lets users join a conference by simply saying its name. H.264 High Profile (HP) support, plus Huawei’s patented Video Motion Enhancement (VME) technology deliver high-quality dual-1080p video at low bandwidth.

Built-in Wi-Fi, IPv4/IPv6 support, and APIs for integration and customization make the TE30 ideal for converting a small or medium-sized conference room into a cutting-edge video conferencing facility.



Specifications TE30
Standards and Protocols ITU-T H.323, IETF SIP, ITU-T H.239, and BFCP
Video Standards and Protocols H.263, H.263+, H.264 BP, H.264 HP, H.264 SVC, and RTV
People Video Resolution 1080p30 from 512 kbit/s (optional)
720p50/60 from 512 kbit/s (optional)
720p25/30 from 384 kbit/s
4SIF/4CIF from 128 kbit/s
Dual Stream 1080p30 + 1080p5 (optional); dual 720p30
Video Inputs 1 x VGA, 1 x built-in camera
Video Outputs 1 x VGA/YPbPr, 1 x HDMI
Audio Inputs 1 x 3.5 mm line-in jack, 1 x HD-AI (stereo, connects to a microphone array)
Audio Outputs 1 x 3.5 mm line-out jack, 1 x HDMI
Other Ports IP: 10/100 Base-T, 1 x RJ45
Wireless: built-in Wi-Fi
Bandwidth IP: 64 kbit/s to 4 Mbit/s


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