Huawei Launches the Smart Classroom Solution

——based on HUAWEI IdeaHub Board and the education cloud platform


[Shenzhen, China, March 25, 2021] At the Education Session of the Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference, Huawei invited renowned experts from across the industry to discuss the innovative application of ICT in modern education under the theme of "ICT Transforms Education and Innovates Smart Classrooms", and launched the Smart Classroom Solution, which is based on HUAWEI IdeaHub Board and the education cloud platform.

The managers and teachers at numerous schools and educational institutions have prioritized the same long-term challenges, such as the lack of interactive teaching methods, unbalanced allocation of resources, and low management efficiency due to scattered schools. At this conference, Mr. Xu Jun, Vice President of Global Government Business Unit, Enterprise Business Group of Huawei, introduced the Huawei Smart Classroom Solution, which focuses on students and combines both online and offline methods to meet the interaction requirements in classrooms. It utilizes the large-screen IdeaHub Board as a portal and leverages smart terminals (such as tablets) and various teaching applications to share high-quality teaching resources based on the cloud platform. For remote teaching, the solution offers functions such as online learning, live streaming, and recording. Additionally, the group discussion scenario enables teachers and students to share content and interact with each other, which in turn promotes students' enthusiasm and fully encourages them to take the initiative, while also improving the teaching experience and efficiency.

Introduction to the Huawei Smart Classroom Solution

As a vital part of teaching and learning in the Smart Classroom Solution, the IdeaHub Board collaboration device was launched as a highlight of this session. It features a soft light screen, Huawei Projection, and smart writing, delivering an efficient and healthy interactive experience to more classrooms. In the era of information-based education, a wide array of screen products is offered; however, some have short-wavelength blue light, which is especially harmful to young people and long-term users. HUAWEI IdeaHub Board — which has passed the Germany TÜV Certification — blocks 60% of harmful blue lights from the light source while also preventing yellow cast. It uses the picture quality automatic color correction algorithm as well as the anti-glare technology, offering a 70% higher color uniformity than the industry standard and delivering flexibility in all types of illumination. Pan Yong, Vice President, Intelligent Vision & Collaboration Product & Solution Sales, Huawei commented: "HUAWEI IdeaHub Board combines smart writing, wireless projection, and open applications into a single board, and is the first intelligent collaboration device in the industry to be equipped with premium anti-blue light protection. It features blue light protection, app-free projection, and smart writing, and facilitates superb collaboration as well as inspirational smart education."

Launch of HUAWEI IdeaHub Board, a new product for inclusive teaching and intelligent collaboration

In addition to the IdeaHub Board, Huawei, as a leading global ICT solutions provider, works with leading partners to provide end-to-end smart education solutions for global education customers with smart devices, converged networks, and teaching and management applications based on the cloud platform. Through technological innovation, Huawei helps transform the traditional education mode into the student-centric, "online + offline" hybrid teaching mode, continuously improving the teaching environment, efficiency, and quality, as well as the campus management efficiency.

Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2021 is being held from March 24 to 26, exploring the power of the resilient and innovative digital world from three perspectives: business, technology, and ecosystems. We will share insights on digital transformation, introducing the business strategies, talent programs, and ecosystems that support it. We will detail practices that we have carried out over recent years in the government, education, transportation, finance, and energy sectors, as well as other industries. And we will showcase the latest progress in connectivity, cloud, and AI fields. For more information, please visit: https://e.huawei.com/en/events/industry-digital-transformation/2021.