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    CloudCampus for MSPs

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CloudCampus for MSPs

With the advent of the cloud, more and more enterprises are adopting an asset-light strategy, purchasing third-party managed Wi-Fi network services — instead of operating and maintaining their own — in order to focus on service delivery and better control Information Technology (IT) spend. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) therefore now need to build a future-oriented and automated operations platform that delivers massive capacity allied to an intelligent experience.

Huawei CloudCampus builds an all-in-one, managed service platform, offering high-quality wired, wireless, and Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) services, integrating big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies. The solution automates service provisioning, supports an intelligent experience, and enhances security, slashing Operating Expenditure (OPEX). In short, CloudCampus lays a robust foundation for the growth of MSP services.


Visualized Management

Your Own Cloud Platform: Reimagining Business Models

CloudCampus allows MSPs to create a whole new business model, building their own public cloud platforms, creating their own brand, and providing customers with high-quality, converged, and intelligent cloud managed network services. Ultimately, this leads to higher profits and happier customers.

Excellent User Experience

Simplified, Intelligent, Converged Cloud-Managed Network Platform

With CloudCampus, MSPs can offer anything from simple, small, and medium network solutions to large-scale, complex networking, Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) deployment, and cloud-based remote Operations and Maintenance (O&M). This platform optimizes networks, identifies, predicts, and demarcates faults, and analyzes root causes. It also allows MSPs to provide SD-WAN services.

Multi-layer Ecosystem

Open API Supports Value-Added Services

CloudCampus is an open cloud platform with Access Point (AP) positioning and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. With industry applications developed through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), MSPs can use their own cloud platforms to customize an unlimited number of unique applications for customers — for example, the number of concurrent sessions.


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Stories of Success


Intelligent Connectivity Supports Business Growth for Finland's Viria

Viria is a strong expert in security solutions, information management, and digital development. The demand to create new and improved services has been an enormously successful driving factor in the modernization and expansion of Viria’s network. Viria needed to build a future-proof campus network that features super capacity, intelligent experience, and selected a highly reliable Huawei CloudCampus network solution. Viria's requirements regarding super capacity anytime, anywhere, and easy O&M are met.Viria can continue to boost its customers' competitiveness with data analytics and digital services and help its clients develop data-driven organizations.

citymesh cloudcampus solution list

Citymesh впроваджує Wi-Fi, як модель обслуговування за допомогою рішення CloudCampus від Huawei

Citymesh співпрацює з Huawei, грунтуючись на унікальному і прибутковому кампусні вирішенні, поступово трансформуючи бізнес-роль від інтегратора до оператора.


Managed Wi-Fi Revamps STC’s
B2B Services

Using Huawei’s CloudCampus solution, STC is well prepared to provide high-quality managed Wi-Fi networks for more enterprise customers. Initial estimates reveal that this service will lift STC’s enterprise business revenues by over five percent.