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Navigating Change: Ensuring Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

NavigatingChange whitepaper
A View from the Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe, and Turkey

In a time of accelerated disruption, fueled by global events and challenges such as environmental changes, a pandemic, and regulatory pressures, information technology (IT) markets face unprecedented pressures. IT plays an important role in how enterprises and governments alike manage their operations through times of crisis. Now more than ever, organizations must guarantee that their IT infrastructure is up and running and can adapt to the demands of users in increasingly volatile times. Organizations have to adapt their IT strategies to ensure their survival in the near term, while keeping in mind a longer-term strategy of utilizing new and emerging technological innovations to ensure future competitiveness. At the same time, IT vendors are under pressure to respond to changing customer needs during highly unpredictable market conditions. Expectations for IT vendors have never been higher.

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