• Huawei Helps Cherry Servers Expand Internationally

With Huawei platforms, we were able to fit twice as many machines into the same space compared to our previous hardware. The more devices you can fit into your physical space, the higher the revenue you can get from it.


Cherry Servers is an international Bare Metal Cloud services provider. Bare metal servers are single physical computers fully dedicated to each customer. In contrast to other cloud services, multiple customers do not share machines, and tenants can run high-end workloads in a stable and predictable manner. DevOps engineers who need private cloud infrastructures with hardware-level control for high-performance applications prefer Cherry Servers.

Cherry Servers successfully developed and launched Bare Metal Cloud in 2018. This Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution allows clients to deploy pre-configured Bare Metal on demand in minutes, or customize it based on hourly, monthly, or yearly invoicing. Cherry Servers had to develop a platform and a data center to offer cloud services.


Business Goals: Reaching New Markets and Industries

In order to increase revenue and strengthen its position in the cloud market, Cherry Servers had to create three business objectives:

  • Cherry Servers’ top priority was reaching new markets and expanding its business, and since all the company’s servers were located in Lithuania, it needed additional service locations to increase its client base more rapidly. Therefore, the company decided to open a new data center in the Netherlands to attract more clients from Western Europe.
  • Cherry Servers also wanted to scale-out its services more easily. The company needed a unified, reliable, and easily scalable platform that would accelerate implementation, facilitate automation processes, and meet growing business demands.
  • And last, but not least, the company wanted to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for its new data center location, streamline support for the infrastructure, and reduce present and future maintenance costs.
  • “We needed a platform that was easy to implement and support,” Cherry Servers CEO Arturas Lazejevas said. “Cherry Servers is growing fast and we need to scale our infrastructure more quickly with lower maintenance costs.”

    Minimizing Costs While Expanding Infrastructure

    Cherry Servers needed a platform for scaling its newly developed Bare Metal Cloud more efficiently. The company’s biggest challenge was finding an efficient and cost-effective way to implement servers in its new Netherlands data center, which not only suffered from limited physical space, but was located 1,500 kilometers from company headquarters, which increased human resource expenses.

    “Cloud providers usually implement large-scale IT infrastructure to meet increasing customer demands,” Lazejevas said. “Such large-scale implementations create multiple challenges regarding physical space, time, maintenance, and energy consumption. Each of these issues had to be addressed before we could even think about expanding our business to new markets.”


    Transformation: Automated Data Center Designs for On-Demand Heavyweight Computing

    In order to reach its business objectives, Cherry Servers decided to equip its data centers with Huawei servers (FusionServer XH620 V3 Server Node and FusionServer X6800 Data Center Server).

    High-density servers, like the Huawei X6800, were designed specifically for High-Performance Computing (HPC), cloud computing, and business applications. All of Huawei’s servers create one unified platform, which is easier to scale and automate than hardware from other providers.

    “We are constantly increasing service automation as we expand our services into remote locations,” Lazejevas said. “A unified platform makes this easier, which is one of the main reasons we chose Huawei.”

    Cherry Servers has made its services much more agile and accessible with Bare Metal Cloud, and Huawei servers are the optimal solution for making this happen. Huawei offers the best value on the market and, thanks to its single unified platform, lower overall present and future TCO.


    Results: International Expansion and Faster Deployment

    Cherry Servers reached its main business objectives thanks to Huawei solutions.

    Cherry Servers’ new Netherlands data center is equipped with Huawei servers and establishes a unified platform that is optimal for scaling services abroad in a cost-effective manner. Thanks to its new fully automated facility, Cherry Servers now offers better services to its clients in Western Europe, while most of its staff remain in Lithuania.

    Huawei’s physically smaller platform not only achieved greater service density and saved valuable space, but also reduced server preparation time so Cherry Servers can easily prepare new servers for production in a timely manner with fewer errors.

    Cherry Servers’ new platform is easier to support over the long run due to its well-suited management tools, high-quality hardware, and ergonomic structure.

    About Cherry Servers

    Cherry Servers is an international Bare Metal Cloud services provider with its headquarters in Lithuania. The company specializes in providing elastic cloud services based on single-tenant Bare Metal machines. Cherry Servers is focused on offering a simple and cost-effective Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for DevOps engineers. The company stands out for its 24/7 customer support with average ticket response times of 14 minutes.