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Standardizing and Digitalizing Working Procedures

Many leading mining enterprises around the world have already digitalized their processes, established digital systems, and popularized intelligent devices. However, there is still much work to be done.

Digital systems, established vertically department by department, have yet to streamline systems between data governance business domains, for example. They must do so if they are to achieve integrated data use and improve prediction, prevention, and emergency assurance capabilities. Indeed, siloed operations — based on those same vertical departments — fundamentally hold back cross-domain data consumption. In other words, closed-loop management, extending from operations to high command, needs to be improved.

Similarly, although intelligent devices — including cameras, smart helmets, and sensors — are widely used, the applications supporting them are not enough. Video monitoring, widely used in the industry, also needs to be managed far more efficiently.

Huawei's Composite Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Platform for Safety and Production includes an operation management system for digital operations, a comprehensive management and control system for inventory management, and a safety management system for transportation inspection, belt transportation, and more.

Within the platform, the operation management system helps standardize and digitalize work duties, resulting in lower costs and workforce numbers, as well as improved efficiency. The system also enables online command, one-click access to mining sites, and real-time service overview. Operation processes are integrated into the device status management, in order to dynamically learn running statuses in real time and improve asset utilization.



The Integrated Service Delivery Platform (ISDP) uses three separate displays — covering command, operations, and onsite work — to support various user groups and create digital value.

Solution Highlights

  • Command Screen

    A large command screen allows managers in mining areas to make commands, in response to emergencies, online, through smart screens. This also means that real-time data regarding people and devices is made available online.

    Based on Global Positioning System (GPS) and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, overall site information is clearly displayed, video communication is provided, and operations are directed.

    Managers are provided with an overview of metrics to promptly identify and optimize their management approach.

  • Operations Screen

    Operations personnel are provided with:

    Online task management and real-time monitoring.

    Data analysis and statistics regarding electromechanical equipment.

  • Onsite Work Screen

    Small screens help onsite operations personnel implement End to End (E2E) management and control before, during, and after operations, improving the onsite safety, quality, and efficiency of operations.

    Periodic plans and temporary tasks management.

    Task execution process management.

    Employee development management.

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