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A Seamless Campus Network for Basic Education

Digital education brings with it many benefits. One of them, sometimes overlooked, is the ability to diversify teaching resources, fostering more inclusive education and effectively addressing an age old resource imbalance that blights many primary and secondary education systems across the globe. Here, connectivity is key, but most schools lack sufficient network coverage and struggle with onsite Operations and Maintenance (O&M) tasks. So the question that now faces campus administrators is how to best build interconnected private networks that ensure high-quality coverage, supporting diverse functions campus-wide, as well as simplifying O&M?

Huawei's School Connectivity Solution provides a wireless campus network based on AirEngine Wi-Fi 6. The cloud architecture management platform enables remote centralized O&M and visualized management, and helps primary and secondary schools build a seamless, high-performance network with simplified O&M so that they can handle any campus scenario with ease. It effectively supports modern teaching modes such as online and interactive education, and acts to promote the equal distribution of resources across primary and secondary schools.

As such, the solution is already providing advanced campus networks for schools in countries around the world, from Italy and Spain to Paraguay and China. It is allowing more and more students access to high-quality digital education resources, creating online learning spaces that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.