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AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 Powered by Huawei 5G

Huawei's AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 products outperform other Wi-Fi 6 products in the industry by integrating Huawei's own innovative 5G and AI technologies. They are ideally suited to build all-wireless high-quality networks for enterprise office, production, and public service scenarios.
AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 products, compliant with Wi-Fi 6 standards, stand out for their remarkable innovations in antenna, baseband, and radio algorithm technologies. By deploying these products, enterprises can experience lightning speed mobile offices (> 10 Gbps), smooth mobile operations with zero packet loss, and 100 Mbps network access anytime, anywhere.

AirEngine: Striking, Minimalist Design

Smart Antenna, Powered by
Huawei 5G

  • 16 x built-in dual-band Smart Antennas + industry's unique beamforming algorithm.
  • Up to 10.75Gbps PHY data rate.
  • 20% more coverage radius.
  • 100% RSSI improvement at the same location.

SmartRadio, Powered by
Huawei 5G

  • SmartRadio Lossless Roaming: achieves stable, high-quality experience for enterprises' key applications, mobile offices (<10 ms roaming), and operations (non-stop AGV operating with zero packet loss)*.
  • SmartRadio Dynamic Turbo: delivers smooth experience of VR and HD video conferencing (< 10 ms latency)*.

*Verified by Tolly

Continuous Networking, Powered By Huawei 5G

  • Built-in independent scanning radio: detects surrounding network environments in real time.
  • Big data analytics- and AI-powered iMaster NCE-CampusInsight: predicts network status, dynamically adjusts radio resources, and improves network-wide performance by 58%+*.

*Verified by Tolly

AirEngine Wi-Fi 6:Lightning-fast speeds, Always-on mobility, Continuous self-organizing networking

10 Gbps and Beyond
Unique 16 spatial streams, fiber-like experience
Huawei AirEngine APs are the industry's only APs with 16 spatial streams and therefore achieves a throughput rate of up to 10.75 Gbps, delivering fiber-like network experience for heavy-traffic services such as AR/VR and 4K video.
Device rate



 10.75 Gbps
 5.95 Gbps
Unveil the Smart Antenna
More Stable Coverage
Smart Antenna, offering 20% wider coverage
Huawei AirEngine APs have 16 built-in Smart Antennas and use the 5G-powered beamforming algorithm, achieving not only a 20% wider coverage but also stronger and more focused signals than traditional antennas. The end result is full coverage free from blind spots.
Coverage distance



Unveil the Smart Antenna
More Stable Applications
SmartRadio Dynamic Turbo, VR with no frame freezing
Huawei AirEngine APs use the first-of-its-kind Dynamic Turbo technology to dynamically detect application types and implement HQoS. This realizes a latency as low as 10 ms for key applications and delivers a smooth experience of real-time applications such as AR/VR and voice.
Round-Trip Time (RTT) latency



 10 ms
 20 ms
Unveil the SmartRadio Dynamic Turbo
More Stable Roaming
SmartRadio Lossless Roaming, ensuring service continuity
Huawei has proactively optimized the traditional roaming process. Huawei terminals can implement 10-ms Lossless Roaming on networks powered by AirEngine Wi-Fi 6. This delivers a smooth experience of office applications such as video conferencing and voice calls for users on the move. In addition, with Lossless Roaming deployed in automated guided vehicle (AGV) scenarios, AGVs can roam seamlessly between APs with zero packet loss, effectively ensuring 24/7 stable operations of the production network.

*Packet loss rate during AGV roaming: < 0.05%

Office roaming latency



 10 ms
 40-50 ms
Unveil the Lossless Roaming
Continuous self-organizing networking
AI-powered intelligent radio calibration, boosting performance by 58%
Huawei AirEngine APs have independent radio probes that enable greater precision in detecting environment data. These APs can collaborate with iMaster NCE-CampusInsight — an intelligent O&M system — to proactively detect environment changes and intelligently optimize network-wide experience, improving device performance by up to 58%.
Network-wide performance



Unveil the Intelligent Radio Calibration

Select a New Wi-Fi 6 Product that Meets Your Requirements

Enterprise office

  • Typical Scenarios: multi-partition office areas, mobile office areas, conference rooms, and lecture halls

  • Industry's unique AP with 16 spatial streams: provides up to 10.75 Gbps rate and 100 Mbps network experience anytime, anywhere
  • Industry's unique SmartRadio Lossless Roaming[1]: reduces the roaming switchover latency of mobile terminals to as low as 10 ms, ensuring uninterrupted voice calls and video conferencing
  • Industry-leading Smart Antenna with 20% wider coverage distance: provides full network coverage with zero coverage holes
  • [1]Only terminals running Huawei EMUI/MagicUI 10.1 or later versions are currently supported.


  • Typical Scenarios: densely populated areas such as electronic classrooms, lecture halls, indoor stadiums, and dormitories

  • Industry's first SDR: achieves flexible switchover between dual-radio and triple-radio modes, and allows one AP to function optimally in various deployment scenarios
  • SmartRadio Dynamic Turbo: achieves a latency as low as 10 ms for AR/VR and voice applications (50% lower than the industry average), and provides dizziness-free VR experience
  • Agile distributed networking: effectively minimizes investment with this innovative networking mode, which is designed specifically for densely populated areas such as student dormitories (for example, one AP can provide stable signals for 48 rooms)


  • Typical Scenarios: shopping malls, large supermarkets, and small stores

  • Built-in independent scanning radio: flexibly detects surrounding interference and rogue devices, and automatically optimizes the network without compromising the performance
  • Convenient IoT dual-slot design with an openable cover + built-in IoT chip: support concurrent access of up to 4 types of IoT terminals and reduce the TCO
  • Brand-new Leader AP mode: eliminates the need of deploying WLAN ACs in small stores, saving customer investment


  • Typical Scenarios: asset stocktaking and automatic warehousing

  • Industry's unique Lossless Roaming: ensures 24/7 efficient operations of large-scale AGVs at high speeds, ensuring service continuity
  • Convenient IoT dual-slot design with an openable cover + built-in IoT chip: support concurrent access of up to 4 types of IoT terminals and reduce the TCO
  • SmartRadio Dynamic Turbo: implements remote fault locating, visual detection, and software loading via VR during production, achieves a latency as low as 10 ms, and ensures service continuity

Public services

  • Typical Scenarios: wireless cities, squares, pedestrian streets, stadium and outdoor wide coverage areas

  • Industry's unique AP with 16 spatial streams + outdoor 8T8R@2.4 GHz: delivers 40% wider coverage distance
  • Flexible IoT expansion: enables terminals using various IoT protocols to easily access the network, implementing connectivity between people and things
  • IP68-rated to protect against dust and submersion in water + built-in surge protection module: effectively improve device reliability and save customer investment