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  • NE Series Routers

  • ME Series Multi-Service Control Gateways

  • Multi-Service Transport Platforms

  • AR Series Access Routers

  • AR Series IoT Gateways

NetEngine 8000 Family

Next-generation, full-service, intelligent routers designed to serve as enterprise WAN core nodes, large enterprise network access nodes, DCI nodes, and campus or large-scale IDC network egress.

Cloud Backbone Routers

  • Cluster routers with high capacity, reliability, and intelligence, designed to serve as international gateways and core nodes on IP backbone and metro networks.
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Service Access Routers

Service Convergence Routers

  • The NetEngine 9000 series are large-capacity, high-reliability, energy-efficient routers designed to meet interconnection requirements in the cloud era. NetEngine 9000 series routers serve as core nodes on large Data Center Interconnect (DCI) networks, large enterprise networks, and metro networks, and as super-core nodes on carriers’ backbone networks.

    Flagship core routers designed for cloud connectivity, serving as core nodes on large DCI, enterprise, and metro networks.
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  • Full-service routers designed to serve as core nodes on enterprise WANs, access nodes on large enterprise networks, interconnection and aggregation nodes on campus networks, and edge nodes on large IDC networks.

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  • Universal service routers with a compact design, SDN architecture, and fault detection, designed for governments and enterprises, especially in the transportation, finance, power, and education sectors.

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Featuring a 2T hardware platform, and 10G to 480G line cards (including 160G CGN line cards), achieving a maximum of 256,000 concurrent users and 1200 users going online per second.

PTN 7900

The industry’s first Software-Defined Packet Transport Network device with high capacity, high bandwidth, and smart service support.

  • Next-generation multi-service access devices oriented towards packet transport on the access side of carrier networks. Offers unified transmission for any services, low latency, high reliability and intelligent O&M, all in a compact design.

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NetEngine AR

Featuring 5G ultra-broadband uplink, 3x the industry average forwarding performance, and comprehensive support for SD-WAN, the series is well-suited for sectors such as enterprise, government, finance, manufacturing, and education.

AR G3 Series Enterprise Routers

  • Integrates routing, switching, voice, security, and wireless functions, and is widely deployed at the egress of medium and large-sized campus networks and headquarters and branches of medium and large-sized enterprises.

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  • Integrates routing, switching, voice, and security services and applies to medium-sized enterprise headquarters or large and medium-sized enterprise branches.

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  • A multi-service router providing Internet and dedicated line access, as well as voice, security and wireless functions. AR1200 can be deployed at the egress of small and medium-sized campus networks and the headquarters and branches of SMEs.

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  • Integrated enterprise gateways that integrate routing, switching, voice, security, 3G/LTE, and Wi-Fi functions for small enterprises and SOHO enterprises.

    Uses the dual-core processor and fan-free design. Delivers the maximum forwarding performance of 550 Kpps.
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The AR502H offers powerful edge computing capabilities and open software and hardware resources, making it suitable for a wide range of IoT applications, such as smart integrated energy service, smart pole sites, smart power distribution rooms, smart campuses, and smart water conservation.

A next-generation edge computing IoT gateway with edge computing architecture, open software and hardware resources, supporting multi-container management, and on-demand app deployment.
  • The AR550 applies to power (power distribution automation and automatic access of transformer substations), transportation (camera access for highway surveillance, in-vehicle PIS, and trackside communications), video surveillance and backhaul, and industrial Ethernet control scenarios.

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Why Huawei Routers?

  • Leading Business Capabilities
    Market Leader

    Ranked No. 1 in China and No. 2 globally, Huawei routers are the preferred choice for 70% of carriers and enterprise network Named Accounts (NAs).

  • Chip Development
    Strong Development Capabilities

    Huawei is a leader and a major contributor in the IP standards field. Huawei’s Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) software is the culmination of 17 years of innovation.

  • 177 Honors and Certifications
    Certified, Award-Winning Technology

    In addition to winning multiple international awards — including the SDN-VDC InfoVision award and a Grand Prize from Japan’s Interop — Huawei routers have also been certified by multiple, respected third-party bodies worldwide.

Find the Right Solution

  • 0103

    Intent-Driven IP Solution

    Drawing on nearly 20 years of R&D experience and the wide application of its products in the global market, Huawei has developed industry-leading IP network solutions and a wide range of routers.

  • 0203

    Huawei SD-WAN

    Build high-performance SD-WANs that offer optimal experience, flexible networking, and simplified O&M. Huawei’s CloudWAN solution outperforms its predecessor to deliver higher performance than the industry average. Interconnect your branches with CloudWAN to achieve optimal experience, flexible networking, and simplified O&M.

  • 0303

    EC-IoT Solution

    Huawei's Edge Computing IoT Solution supports a wide range of industrial protocols and interfaces to adapt to different industry connection scenarios through in-depth and open edge computing capabilities and cloud management architecture.

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