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Stepping into the New Data Center Era

In the era of intelligence, people need computing power the most, while the most critical infrastructure is data centers.

Through Data Center Portfolio Solutions, Huawei helps customers build greener, more reliable, more efficient, and more intelligent data centers, leading the development of new data centers and providing solid digital infrastructure for digital transformation.

Greener: multi-echelon energy saving and collaborative optimization, bringing PUE down to 1.15

More reliable: data-network synergy and all-scenario disaster recovery, bringing reliability up to 99.99999%

Higher efficiency: higher performance, faster deployment, and easier O&M

More intelligent: diversified computing power, ensuring the 500-fold increase in AI computing power over a decade


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MultiDC Portfolio Solution

The solution enables digital transformation through efficient collaboration of O&M, security, data, and algorithms between the headquarters and branches.

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Centralized Cloud-DC Portfolio Solution

The solution enables digital transformation with its elasticity, agility, stability, sustainability, security, and reliability.

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Light Data Center Portfolio Solution

Light DC portfolio solution, including lightweight resource pools and hyper-converged resource pool solutions.


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Data Storage

Huawei’s data storage systems offer high-capacity, low-latency, active-active data duplication, and converged storage for cloud computing.

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Featuring large-scale deployment, automation, programmability, and real-time visibility, Huawei switches are built for a wide variety of applications and network sizes.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and big data technologies are used to provide resource pooling and full-stack cloud service capabilities, offering customers solutions for scenarios such as converged resource pools, hosting clouds, and hybrid clouds. Adapting to requirements in various industries, Huawei cloud computing services help customers achieve full cloudification and promote digital transformation across industries.

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Datacenter Virtualization (DCS)

Huawei's DCS builds lightweight, flexible, diversified, and open data center infrastructure for enterprises, enabling enterprises to go digital.

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EulerOS is an open-source Linux OS for enterprises. It features high security, scalability, and performance, meeting customers' requirements for IT infrastructure and cloud computing services.

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Optical Transmission

Building ultra-broadband, simplified, and intelligent enterprise transport networks.

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Smart Module

Supporting fast delivery and having no special requirements on the equipment room environment, the smart modular data center solution is designed for indoor scenarios. By using the iPower, iCooling, and iManager (collectively known as the "i3") to build intelligent core subsystems, the solution comprehensively improves the reliability and energy efficiency of the power supply and distribution as well as temperature control systems.