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iMaster NCE Autonomous Network Management and Control System

iMaster NCE is the “brain” of Huawei's Intent-Driven Network (IDN). It integrates the network management, control, and analysis functions. iMaster NCE consists of four engines: Intent Engine, Automation Engine, Analysis Engine, and Intelligence Engine. These four engines interact with each other, allowing iMaster NCE to provide open northbound APIs to receive business intent as well as collect network data in real time through telemetry, building a digital twin based on unified data modeling. iMaster NCE leverages AI and big data to verify business intent and implement proactive O&M of physical networks, implementing intent-driven service automation. It also achieves real-time awareness of the network status and performs predictive maintenance. iMaster NCE is designed for scenarios such as data centers, enterprise campuses, and enterprise private lines, making networks more simple, smart, open, and secure, as well as accelerating enterprise service transformation and innovation.

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Leading Technology

Integrates management, control, and analysis capabilities to implement intent-driven service automation, achieving real-time awareness of network status and performing predictive maintenance.

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Worldwide Commercial Use

Deployed in 120+ countries worldwide and widely used by 190+ of the Fortune Global 500 and in 2,800+ data centers.

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Open Ecosystem

Interconnects with third-party vendors and platforms and builds a sustainable industry ecosystem through joint innovation with 30+ world-renowned enterprises.

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