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Digital Transformation Is Changing WANs

As digital transformation continues to spread across industries, Wide Area Networks (WANs) have to change, to embrace enterprise cloudification and transform Internet Protocol (IP)-based production networks.

• Indeed, by 2025, it's estimated that 85% of enterprise applications will migrate to the cloud, with 74% of enterprises choosing private clouds over hybrid models.

• As such, given the maturity of IP technologies — such as Service Routing over IPv6 (SRv6) and Flexible Ethernet (FlexE) — allied to the flexible deployment and converged transport advantages of IP networks, services that used to be carried by multiple Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) production networks can now be carried over a single IP network, slashing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for enterprises.

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Agile Connection

APN6-based application-level intelligent service traffic steering.

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Deterministic experience

Innovatively Meeting the Transportation and Energy Sectors' Jitter Requirements on Production Networks (30 μs @ 13 hops & 2000 km).

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Agile O&M

Building an Intelligent O&M 1-1-0 System with Digital Network Technologies to Ensure Always-On Services.

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High reliability

Hardware and software synergy to ensure stable service running.


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Intelligent IP Transport Network Solution for DCI

The access and core networks of banks both adopt SRv6. NCE-IP, together with a modular architecture, allows networks to communicate over a single WAN and enables agile E2E financial service provisioning within minutes, resource pooling, multi-center service collaboration, and nearby access to active-active services, improving user experience.

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Intelligent Converged IP Metro Network Solution

Amid global digital transformation efforts, individual and enterprise services are moving to the cloud at an accelerated rate, and traffic continues to surge. As a result, enterprise private lines have to meet increasingly higher SLA requirements. This solution aims to centrally carry home broadband and private line services. It uses advanced technologies such as SDN, SRv6, slicing, and IFIT to build IP converged transport networks featuring ultra-broadband, guaranteed SLAs, and intelligent O&M.

national ip backbone network bequoted

Intelligent National IP Backbone Network Solution

Government digital transformation is driven by national policies. This solution uses industry-leading SRv6, FlexE, and intelligent O&M technologies to build next-generation national converged backbone networks that feature "one fiber multipurpose transport, one-hop cloud access, one-click O&M, and one-stop converged transport".

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Intelligent Data Network Solution for Power

The power data network provides wide-area interconnection and unified transport for data centers, dispatch centers, substations, and power supply companies at all levels. This solution provides the IPv6 Enhanced-based unified architecture for building intelligent and simplified power data networks.

rail transit ip backbone network bequoted

Intelligent IP Backbone Network Solution for Rail Transit

This solution uses FlexE slicing to ensure low latency for 5G-R production services, SRv6 to enable flexible transport and elastic deployment of office services, and iMaster NCE + IFIT-based big data mining to deliver proactive network O&M, helping build secure, reliable, intelligent, and agile converged transport production networks for the transportation industry.

public services ip transport network bequoted

Intelligent IP Transport Network Solution for Government

This solution leverages the leading IPv6 Enhanced architecture to build next-generation "digital government" networks that feature high speed, intensive sharing, hierarchical assurance, high security, high reliability, and future readiness.

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Intelligent IP Transport Network Solution for Finance

As enterprises pose higher requirements on automation and intelligence, the access and core networks start to adopt SRv6. NCE orchestrates different networks and provides multi-domain network services for the upper layer. With simplified network protocols, one WAN is sufficient for various services.

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Intelligent IP Backbone Network Solution for ISPs

To Cope with the challenges from 5G and Cloud Service, Huawei provide CloudBackbone Solution. It is based on Ultra-Broadband, to construct a Simplified Network architecture, and enable network intelligence capacity with NCE. Huawei NCE (Network cloud Engine) enables intelligence capacity of the network to implement proactive O&M and network automation, and make a non-congestion, self-healing Network.

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Intelligent Data Redundancy Elimination Solution for Financial WAN

Data is transmitted over the WAN after compression. Data fragments are compressed using a compression algorithm and then sent to the remote peer, which decompresses the fragments into original traffic and forwards it to the receive end.


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