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    Optical Sensing for Oil & Gas Pipeline Inspection Solution

    Algorithm-powered Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Technology Enables Intelligent Pipeline Inspection


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Next-Generation All-Optical Sensing Safeguards Pipeline Security

In the oil and gas industry, pipeline inspection always relies on costly and inefficient manual inspection that is prone to safety risks and economic losses.Existing methods cannot sustain 24/7 real-time detection. In view of this, Huawei has released the Sensing OptiX solution that uses distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS) technology. By using communication optical cables deployed alongside pipelines as sensors, the solution collects and analyzes vibration signals sent by optical fibers to accurately paint a picture of construction beyond pipelines.

Gain the Edge

Antenna Technology

Comprehensive detection, zero false negatives

Built-in super blind spot error correction algorithm,
improving the effective signal collection rate to 99.9%

Highly Reliable Transmission

Precise identification, 95% accuracy

32-dimensional vibration pattern analysis algorithm, improving accuracy to 95%

Visualized Management

Fast learning, continuous evolution

Online learning, fast learning of local samples,
100-fold increase of learning efficiency in new scenarios


The device quickly analyzes vibration pattern information, identifies the event type, accurately locates the intrusion, and reports an alarm, implementing online real-time detection and security warning of the entire pipeline. The device uses an innovative enhanced oDSP with a built-in blind spot error correction algorithm that greatly enhances the effectiveness of weak signals and improves the effective signal collection rate to 99.9%.