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Huawei Launches Smart Railway — Perimeter Detection Solution to Accelerate Railway Intelligence


[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2024] In parallel with the Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC 2024), Huawei held a smart transportation forum themed "Leading Infrastructure to Empower Digital and Intelligent Transportation" and launched its Smart Railway — Perimeter Detection Solution. Global transportation industry leaders, technical experts, and researchers were present on site to share their thoughts on cutting-edge technologies along with excellent cases and practices. They look to empower high-speed, secure, intelligent, and sustainable development across the transportation industry, facilitating intelligent railway transformation.

Increasingly mature technologies like 5G and AI are being gradually applied to renovate the railway industry as it stands. Railway operators worldwide are reducing costs and increasing efficiency. These technological advancements comprehensively improve operations and management, and deliver a smoother travel experience for passengers.

Huawei has been deeply engaged with the railway industry for nearly 30 years. At the smart transportation forum, Jackey Wang, Vice President of Huawei's Smart Transportation BU, delivered an opening speech. He stated that "Huawei has always been dedicated to finding the right technology for the right scenario and boosting productivity with technologies. Together with industry partners, we are building a more secure, convenient, intelligent, and eco-friendly transportation industry through technological innovation." According to Jackey, to date, Huawei's products and solutions have been deployed on more than 150,000 kilometers of railways around the world. Smart railway development is shifting its focus from conventional construction to smart operations alongside intelligent, automated, secure, and low-carbon development.

Jackey Wang, Vice President of Smart Transportation BU, Huawei

Jackey Wang, Vice President of Smart Transportation BU, Huawei

As Global System for Mobile Communications-Railway (GSM-R) gradually exits the market, Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) will embrace strategic development opportunities. Mozambique Ports and Railways (CFM) improved its dispatching efficiency, operational security, and employee management by reconstructing communications networks at stations along railways as well as deploying CCTV systems in critical regions.

Amilton Alissone, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Mozambique, delivered a keynote speech entitled Mozambique's Transportation Development: Directions and Practices. He talked about how Mozambique has set up a transportation infrastructure system that covers its roads, ports, railways, and airports. As technology advances, the country will work with industry vendors to make that system comprehensive.

"Administrated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Mozambique, CFM now operates more than 2000 kilometers of railways across the country. So far, Huawei's FRMCS Solution has significantly benefited Mozambique in terms of dispatching efficiency, operational stability, as well as work efficiency and experience for employees. CFM fully leverages the advantages of integrated transportation services to promote economic development in the Eastern and Southern Africa (AFE) region," he stated.

Amilton Alissone, Vice Minister, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Mozambique

Amilton Alissone, Vice Minister, Ministry of Transport and Communications of Mozambique

Sorin Baltac, Chief Strategic Asset Officer of Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), mentioned in his speech titled Digital Transformation Supports PRASA's Sustainable Turnaround on Track that railway perimeters are the first safety barrier in isolating the operating area of a train from its surroundings. PRASA deployed Huawei's Smart Railway — Perimeter Detection Solution, which puts forward a new direction for protecting railway perimeters. PRASA's study on the railway status quo, extensive engineering experience, and in-depth industry understanding ensure the perimeter detection system delivers near-zero missed alarms and reduces false alarms to less than one per kilometer per day.

Sorin Baltac, Chief Strategic Asset Officer, PRASA

Sorin Baltac, Chief Strategic Asset Officer, PRASA

Xu Zhiyu, Vice President of Huawei's Smart Transportation BU, launched the Smart Railway — Perimeter Detection Solution at the forum. Using multi-dimensional sensing, multi-technology convergence, and AI, the solution detects exceptions with high precision and generates alarms in real time, increasing the overall inspection efficiency by 50%. The solution has been successfully deployed in Africa, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and other regions.

Huawei also showcased its scenario-based solutions and flagship products for the railway industry, including Perimeter Detection, FRMCS, FRMCS Bearer Network, and more. Application scenarios and diversified data structures in the railway industry give way for a wide variety of smart requirements.

As the computing industry prospers, Huawei will help enhance railway transport capacity, rolling stock inspections, as well as bridge, tunnel, and track operations along railways. The company aims to optimize passenger experience and increase operational efficiency, and will focus on improving transportation safety and developing transportation capacity in addition to pursuing digitalization and informatization in a single service domain.

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