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Huawei Interprets the FRMCS Standard at the 11th UIC World Congress on High-Speed Rail


[Marrakech, Morocco, March 10, 2023] During the 11th UIC World Congress on High-Speed Rail, Huawei delivered a keynote speech entitled "Huawei FRMCS Facilitates Railway Digital Transformation". Li Junfeng (CEO of Huawei's Aviation & Rail BU),Xiang Xi (Vice President of Huawei's Aviation & Rail BU)), and Zhang Qiran (Marketing Director of Wireless Product Line) were in attendance, eagerly taking part in the discussion.

With more than 20 years of practical ICT deployment experience in the railway industry, Huawei introduced the unique value — such as wide coverage, high reliability, and smooth evolution — of its Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) Solution from the perspectives of standards, technology, and ecosystem. With this solution, the company looks to help railway customers go digital.

Huawei delivered a keynote speech on " Huawei FRMCS Facilitates Railway Digital Transformation "

As the conventional GSM-R ecosystem becomes obsolete, it is no longer able to guarantee stable and reliable equipment supply in the future. Worse still, the narrowband technology has a small bandwidth, supporting limited services. This fails to keep pace with the increasingly digital and intelligent railway industry. The FRMCS, a successor to GSM-R, has a mature ecosystem based on the unified 3GPP standards and broadband technologies. It enables more intelligent services and supports ongoing future-oriented evolution, making it an ideal choice for industry digitalization.

Learning on its experience in the wireless field, Huawei shed light on the major problems faced by railway customers during the mobile communications upgrade, explained the standards and technologies of the next-generation railway communications system, and proposed a critical approach for railway digital transformation.

"Today's railway industry has reached a critical juncture for digital transformation," said Li Junfeng, CEO of Huawei's Aviation & Rail BU. "All players are looking to select a secure and reliable railway communications system that has a mature ecosystem and supports future-oriented evolution. Huawei has extensive experience in the field of wireless communications. Using the 3GPP standards and broadband technologies that better meet future development requirements, Huawei provides railway customers with a unique FRMCS solution featuring wide coverage, high reliability, compatible with LTE technologies and smooth evolution, helping customers build smart railways faster."

Huawei looks forward to accelerating the maturity and large-scale commercial use of the FRMCS in collaboration with industry standards organizations, customers, and partners. Together, they can build a wireless digital foundation for railways and facilitate smart railway development.