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  •  intelligent transpirtation system

    Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

    Improve the efficiency of urban life with advanced traffic management and rapid traffic accident detection.


  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • Architecture

Greater Efficiency for Traffic Management and Road Safety

As the world continues to urbanize — bringing with it more people, vehicles, and roads to cities worldwide — traffic management is being placed under ever greater pressure. Here, Huawei's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Solution is designed to help, ushering in greater efficiency for traffic law enforcement, vehicle analysis, and traffic safety management.

The ideas that lie behind the solution are simple.

Every city wants fewer road traffic accidents, especially major ones. So the solution employs state-of-the-art technology to quickly detect, analyze, and handle vehicle violations, effectively maintaining and promoting greater traffic order.

It’s also built to improve and accelerate the handling of any accidents that do occur. The solution detects and warns of accidents within 10s of them happening, immediately communicating with the emergency handling system. It then quickly releases guidance information based on traffic volumes. Quite simply, such an End to End (E2E) approach to incident handling makes travel far safer for all.

The data-based ITS Solution applies image vision, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and other technologies to traffic management. Adopting unified access standards, it centrally manages aggregated data to better serve upper-layer service applications — such as violation handling, vehicle analysis, and vehicle management and control — as well as traffic planning decision-making.

Gain the Edge

Recognition and Analysis of Violations

• Load multiple algorithms on demand.
• More than 10 types of violations are recognized, from running red lights and crossing marked lanes, to flouting road markings, driving the wrong way, and speeding.
• Effectively crack down on violations and reduce traffic accidents.

Threat Detection

Traffic Incident Detection in Seconds

• Detect and report road traffic violations, accidents, and incidents in seconds, with real-time warnings that assist traffic management departments.

End-to-end Networking

Closed-Loop Penalty Service Handling

• E2E closure of sensing, analysis, violation penalties, and other services based on partner applications increases traffic efficiency, alleviates traffic jams, and reduces accidents.


Information Communication Technology (ICT) — such as High Definition (HD) vision, cloud computing, AI, and big data — improve traffic management and assist the response of law enforcement, building a safe and smooth travel environment.

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