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    How VIRTUS Became a Data Center Industry Pioneer

Supplier and distributor Virtus Technology Indonesia (VIRTUS) has earned an outstanding reputation in the Indonesian ICT market because of its expertise with multiple vendors and consistent, on-time product distribution and services to enterprises.

A partner testimony from Christian Atmadjaja, whose Director of PT. Virtus Technology Indonesia

Based out of Indonesia, VIRTUS is an IT infrastructure solution provider. Its product range includes data center storage for enterprises, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, data center computing products and networking devices, cloud and virtualization technologies, and end user computing products. VIRTUS’s vision is to become the partner of choice for businesses and develop meaningful relationships with them.

Partnering with Huawei: Relationship Begins

Over the past six years, VIRTUS has developed one of its strongest and most successful business relationships to date. In 2013, VIRTUS began working with Huawei, because it saw Huawei as a reliable and experienced company that provided end-to-end IT solutions and had collaborated effectively with different vendors from around the world. Huawei and VIRTUS were united by their desire to ensure customers, business partners, and end-users receive the highest levels of service, responsiveness and dependability.

The cooperation initially involved VIRTUS’s sales, presales, and engineering personnel regularly meeting with and collaborating with Huawei’s account managers and solution managers. Through discussions, trainings, and best practice-sharing, VIRTUS understood Huawei’s products and solutions, and used this understanding to ensure its customers around Indonesia received high-quality services.

VIRTUS continues to invest in Huawei’s business goals while extending Huawei’s coverage in the Indonesian market. VIRTUS has helped Huawei recruit technical partners that focus on IT storage, servers, and networks, and has provided presales support, hardware training, and project engagement for them. VIRTUS and Huawei continue to build an increasingly large and sophisticated ecosystem with their partners in the financial services, digital transformation, and energy industries.

Making a Breakthrough with a Milestone Achievement

A significant breakthrough in the partnership came in 2015, when Customer A moved into a new building in Jakarta. The building was 60 meters high, and had an area of 3,180 square meters.

The move also required a new modular data center installed on-site. The 198-square-meter-modular data center was to be built on the building’s fourth floor. The project’s one-stop solution capabilities, staged deployment, and ease of management were especially important, because these features could not be provided by vendors based in Indonesia.

Following multiple rounds of negotiations and constant solution modification, VIRTUS won the project. VIRTUS chose to collaborate with Huawei, because Huawei was the only vendor based in Indonesia that could provide an End-to-End (E2E) solution and had access to the products needed to ensure successful migration, including the IDS2000 modular data center and NetEco intelligent management platform.

Huawei has also made continuous innovations in intent-driven networks as well as intelligent and lossless networks. Since its launch in 2012, Huawei’s Cloud Fabric Data Center Network Solution has been deployed in 7,800+ enterprise data centers in over 120 countries.

After harnessing Huawei’s extensive R&D capabilities and comprehensive technical expertise, VIRTUS provided Customer A with a next-generation modular data center that fulfilled their strict design requirements, cementing VIRTUS’s position as an E2E modular data center solution and service provider.

This project transformed VIRTUS from a company with limited project experience into an industry-leader for data center solutions. This was a milestone achievement for both VIRTUS and Huawei.

Working Closely Together, Expanding Portfolio

VIRTUS’s success establishing a customer’s modular data center paid dividends, as it was awarded a network implementation project for the Indonesian heavy equipment solution provider Customer T, the authorized dealer for CAT equipment in Indonesia, in 2018. The project required reliable, reputable network solution suppliers, and the companies involved had to have demonstrated experience working on large projects.

The project began with VIRTUS and Customer T’s service integrator discussing each party’s responsibilities. After choosing Huawei to supply the network products, they decided on the best implementation methods for rural Indonesia.

Rural Indonesia is challenging for network implementation because it lacks infrastructure and established network resources. While VIRTUS was responsible for managing the network products’ deployment in rural areas, as well as the implementation and cabling processes — both were made more challenging because of the poor road quality and tropical climate.

Because Customer T had strict requirements, including collaborating with multiple vendors, Huawei created a service site to provide post-sales services, resolve any product issues, and ensure the project’s success. The service site became key when distributing resources and providing support in rural areas.

VIRTUS and Huawei remained committed to providing outstanding services to rural Indonesia, while transforming into value-adding-distributors, and maintaining Customer T’s high standards. With joint efforts, the project became another success story.

This was one of many successes in the partnership. Indeed, the results speak for themselves: Since 2017, Huawei has contributed to more than 20 percent of VIRTUS’s revenue — the second-highest proportion among all of its product vendors.

Attaining Mutual Benefits Through Innovative Solutions

Working alongside Huawei, VIRTUS has delivered multiple projects requiring comprehensive IT infrastructure, and provided services and innovative ICT solutions that cater to global vertical industry and enterprise customers across the government, public utilities, finance, transportation, energy, and SMEs.

The progress that Huawei made is very significant. Compared to some of VIRTUS’s previous vendors, Huawei has the best commitment to partners in the channel model, the well engagement, and clear channel policies. VIRTUS believes that the future of IT business belongs to those who have a complete, E2E solution.

Based on the success that the two parties have shared with the partnership so far, VIRTUS is keen to keep working with Huawei, helping to play an even greater role in the Indonesian market by providing E2E solutions.

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