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    A Digital Upgrade Streamlines MNG Kargo's Logistics Services

With businesses around the world forced to adjust, this Turkish heavyweight didn’t hesitate to grasp the opportunity to hand.

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the way the world operates, consumers have increasingly looked toward online services, in turn spurring the rapid growth of e-commerce along with the logistics industry that underpins it. With businesses around the world forced to re-adjust, Turkish cargo company MNG Kargo chose Huawei's FusionModule Solution to reshape itself to the new normal, constructing a next generation data center, in turn strengthening the infrastructure of its transit centers nationwide, simplifying logistics management, and improving management efficiency.

Digital Upgrades Overcome Challenges

Straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a natural hub for the logistics industry. As one of Turkey's leading freight companies, MNG Kargo has a network of more than 850 branches, serving 700,000 shipments, providing world-class services to 220 countries and regions across the world.

Indeed, recognizing the value inherent in digital and eager to adopt technologies at the cutting edge, MNG Kargo pioneered an innovative system capable of sorting 65,000 packages every hour, before loading them onto Internet-connected vehicles, all without human intervention.

In addition, in order to provide customers with better and better real-time services, the company also adopted an always-on, 24/7 business service model, including 27 transit centers, distributed throughout Turkey, boosting logistics efficiency. This is, of course, an ambitious strategy, one that almost inevitably brings fresh challenges, from higher travel expenses for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) staff, forced to travel from site to site, to increased fault response times. Determined to maintain the consistency and high quality of its customer service, MNG Kargo recognized that it was high time to upgrade its legacy infrastructure, to a data center solution with intelligent management, one with the ability to minimize the inevitable drawbacks that come with geographically distributed data center sites.

Simplifying O&M with a Huawei Data Center Solution

To meet MNG Kargo's precise needs, the company's Information Technology (IT) provider — Innova, a leading software developer and integrator in Turkey — recommended Huawei's Smart Modular Data Center Solution.

"Innova is a leading provider of IT solutions in Turkey, serving a wide range of industries including telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, and public services. Our mission is to deliver reliable solutions through innovative technologies that create new value for customers' IT investments," said Emre Özdal, Innova's Sales Director. "We are delighted to be working with Huawei. We proposed innovative and effective solutions to support the digital upgrade of MNG Kargo during the pandemic. Flexible and compact, FusionModule800 meets their requirements for small-scale, multi-node, and distributed edge data centers. It also provides a powerful management system that makes data centers simplified, intelligent, and secure."

It also detects potential problems in advance, through a warning mechanism, then proactively intervenes before a fault occurs to reduce the failure rate and cut related parts and labor costs.

FusionModule800's fully modular design enables plug-and-play, shortening deployment time to just two days. With this solution in place, MNG Kargo now has access to more advanced data center functions, ensuring uninterrupted logistics services. In addition, power supply, distribution, temperature control, and management systems are all integrated into a single cabinet, reducing the floor space required by approximately 50%.

The solution comes with another powerful tool: Huawei's NetEco management system. This monitors multiple management systems for the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), cooling, temperature and humidity, and water leakage detection. It also detects potential problems in advance, through a warning mechanism, then proactively intervenes before a fault occurs to reduce the failure rate and cut related parts and labor costs. Smooth capacity expansion, without hardware restrictions is also supported, effectively reducing the initial investment required and implementing simplified O&M.

Deepening Cooperation and Embracing the Digital Economy

The outbreak of the global pandemic has not only accelerated the digitalization of the logistics industry. It has also driven it to embrace process-based management. By opting for Huawei, MNG Kargo is working hard to accelerate the digital upgrade of the industry and better adapt to the times, all with one end-goal in mind: better services for its customers.