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    Driving Smart City Innovations in Pattaya City and Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor

Spearheading 5G

National Telecom (NT), a state-owned telecommunications company operating under Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES), was established in January 2021 following the merger of the Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) and CAT Telecom. Today. NT is the country's most important telecommunications agency, boasting an extensive and comprehensive range of infrastructure.

Indeed, NT's operations cover fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony, broadband Internet communication networks, and mobile networks. Beyond traditional services, NT also works at the forefront of new technologies, exploring state-of-the-art digital solutions, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and big data. The company also carries international connection services, spanning satellite and submarine cable network connections.

In a strategic move initiated in 2019, the MDES established a dedicated 5G Committee, accompanied by a designated fund, designed to spearhead the implementation of 5G Smart City systems in Pattaya, a city on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast, and the wider Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), a special economic zone located southeast of Bangkok.

Pioneering a Smart City

Tasked with overseeing the Pattaya Smart City project, NT partnered with Huawei Thailand to roll out robust digital infrastructure, aiming to streamline city management, boost tourism, enhance governance, and improve the quality of life for all users: local citizens, tourists, and authorities alike.

Coordinating with all involved parties, NT's primary mission was to provide services tailored to the wider public, including seamless and reliable Wi-Fi access, digital signage, and integrated emergency features to ensure safety around the clock. Yet, the company also had to work with local authorities, giving them the tools necessary for effective traffic management, coordinated emergency response, weather alert monitoring, and more. Of course, the ultimate goal was to create a modern urban environment, enriched with technology, making it smart for all.

A 5G Network Empowers Digital Society

Huawei presented NT with a comprehensive solution consisting of a network of 5G Smart Poles connected to an Intelligent Operation Center (IOC).

Deployment of 5G Smart Poles across Pattaya and its environs provides a wealth of services.

• Smart lighting : Well-lit streets enhance nighttime security and help create a more comfortable atmosphere.

• Wi-Fi 6 hotspots : Convenient Internet access allows both local citizens and tourists to stay connected throughout the city.

• Digital signage : Screens at 5G Smart Pole sites display information in real-time, providing important updates and fostering community engagement.

• An SOS video call system : Cameras and intercoms at 5G Smart Pole sites ensure that the city is well equipped to respond effectively to emergencies, contributing to the overall safety and well-being of residents. It also streamlines emergency coordination between agencies in critical situations.

• Public broadcast equipment : Real-time weather alerts assist planning and preparation.

• Intelligent transportation systems : An alert detection system enables real-time monitoring and immediate response capabilities. Intelligent traffic management improves the efficiency of traffic police officers while smoothing transportation around the city for everyone.

• Environment monitoring : Air quality (PM 2.5), temperature, and humidity measurements can all be closely monitored in an effort to build eco-friendly urban environment.

Meanwhile, the IOC gathers information from the network of 5G Smart Poles, dispatching it to relevant authorities. The IOC also enables remote video services and serves as the central hub for emergency services, ensuring rapid response. While the first phase of the project integrates 5G, AI, and IoT, phase two will expand the scope to include enhanced AI, big data, data sharing with other departments, and converged command.

A Brighter 2024 for All

With phase one successfully completed and set to commence operations in early 2024, a host of improvements will quickly follow on for residents, tourists, and local authorities.

Precisely what can residents and tourists expect?

• Enhanced safety and security : A safer, more comfortable environment for everyone.

• Rapid emergency assistance : Quick and effective response times in case of emergency.

• Free Wi-Fi access : Convenient connectivity around the clock.

• Efficient information on the go : Access to real-time information, such as weather updates, covering a range of topics.

• Higher sustainability : Infrastructure in place that promises to help build a more sustainable city.

And what are the key benefits for local authorities and government agencies?

• Enhanced operations efficiency : Improved overall efficiency of city operations.

• Efficient emergency response : Swift and coordinated response in emergency situations.

• Superior investigative capabilities : Advanced tools for investigations, helping to cut crime.

• Advanced security measures : Enhanced security features to ensure public safety.

• Fire safety and detection : Improved fire prevention tools.

NT's initiative to transform Pattaya into a Smart City aims to enhance resident well-being, attract more tourists, and improve the effectiveness of public services.