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    Huawei Campus OptiX Offers a Smart Experience to Amber House Hangzhou

As an old saying goes in China: where there is paradise, there is Hangzhou. This reflects Hangzhou's reputation as an attractive city for tourists to visit. The sun's rays light up the earth, warms us, and keeps us conscious of the transition between seasons.

In the past, the poems of light brought us life experience, prosperity, and great changes.

Now, the light of information brings us imagination, intelligence, and future.

An all-optical network has been established in Amber House Hangzhou, a hotel located on the bank of the beautiful Qiantang River. Hotel guests can not only view the magnificent mountains around the West Lake, but also enjoy the convenience of an information highway paved by the fiber network.

A Pleasant Day Begins at Amber House

• 7:30 a.m., a luxurious breakfast is laid out on the 28th floor.

Enjoy the delicious breakfast while looking out at the beautiful scenery through the panoramic glass floor. The morning light shines on the village and tea garden on the other side of the Qiantang River. Meanwhile, you can take a panoramic photo using your phone, and instantly share the wonderful moment with friends over high-speed Wi-Fi. In the mobile Internet era, Wi-Fi mobility compliments optical backhaul relay to make high-quality connections and keep you online anytime anywhere.

• 10:00 a.m., multimedia conference room holding a telepresence conference.

A video conference with the headquarters can be held thousands of kilometers away with the gigabit fiber broadband connected to the desktop, enabling you to communicate across distances as if you were in the same room.

• 4:00 p.m., the grand guest room, afternoon coffee break.

Relax on a sofa by the window and enjoy a leisurely afternoon coffee break. You can use an app on your phone to control the curtains, set the temperature and humidity of the room, or ask your intelligence assistant to play any song of your choosing. With the stunning view outside combined with the smart life provided by fiber broadband, you can feel at home.

• 9:00 p.m., guest room, HDTV

Turn on the large-screen TV and enjoy a documentary of the West Lake among the large selection of HD TV programs. The 10 scenes of the West Lake on screen are incredibly life-like as if you were there at the West Lake. Telephone, Internet, and TV services are all connected over one fiber, eliminating the need for multiple networks.

Huawei Campus OptiX Tailored for the Hotel Industry

During smart hotel planning, Amber House decided to establish more than 10 service systems over one network, including telephone, TV, Internet access, video security, building control, and IoT. Traditional copper network cabling is complex, and multiple networks are stacked in silo mode, which requires high investment. In addition, traditional copper networks lack innovative capacity, have limited transmission bandwidth (100 Mbps over CAT5 and 1 Gbps over CAT6), and need to have cables re-routed every few years to meet higher bandwidth requirements. Huawei's IP+passive Optical LAN (POL) Solution replaces traditional copper lines with fibers. Based on the passive optical network (PON) technology, this solution connects Wi-Fi APs, ACs, and core switches through a green, flexible, simplified, and state-of-the-art POL network, fully meeting various requirements of the hotel industry.

• Flexible fiber network: A fiber weighs about 1/6 of a traditional copper cable with the same transmission capacity. Moreover, fibers can be flexibly routed to the nearest information points and split to simplify cabling, retaining the elegant decoration in hotels.

• Simplified fiber network: In the POL solution, active devices are replaced with passive ODN devices at the aggregation layer, and the network architecture is reduced from three layers to two layers. No power supply, air conditioner, or weak-current equipment room is required, saving valuable space for guest rooms.

• Leading technology:Optical networks can carry massive amounts of information and can be upgraded from 10 Gbps to 50 Gbps or even Tbps in the future. They have a 30-year service life, and no re-cabling is required for bandwidth upgrade in the future. In addition, one fiber can carry multiple services, and one room requires only one fiber and one ONT. In the evening peak period when many guests access the Internet, a reliable and high-bandwidth optical network can ensure smooth HD video steaming experience for everyone.

"In the era of fiber, Amber House chooses to leverage the capabilities of the Huawei Campus OptiX solution. As it is to be expected, fibers are flexible to route, make cabling neat, and save weak-current rooms. The saved space can be used to build more guest rooms, allowing more guests to enjoy the beauty of the West Lake. In addition, smooth bandwidth evolution and unified multi-service bearer enable us to launch more smart services in the future," said Huang Jie, the project director of Amber House.