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Prepare Now for the Future on Cloud

To compete on today's rapidly changing market, your IT architecture needs to provide an elastic, efficient, and stable environment suitable for ongoing innovation. We make this possible by migrating your core systems to a multi-cloud environment that supports big data, AI, and innovative applications.


Smart Power Savings

Competitive Edge

Stay ahead of the competition by deploying cutting-edge technologies that allow your business to transform and adapt to new market demands.

Leading Business Capabilities

Regulatory Compliance

Avoid vendor lock-in or over-dependence on private cloud by deploying a multi-cloud architecture in compliance with industry regulators.

Architecture Transformation

Deliver the ultimate user experience with an all-new IT architecture that supports automated and elastic resource scheduling as you move your financial services online.

Cloud Transformation Journey

Create a cloud ecosystem that enables your users to access financial services anywhere while you easily deploy innovative business models. We provide a wide range of cloud migration solutions to help you no matter where you are in your digitalization journey.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Overview

With Huawei's Financial Cloud Solution you can elastically schedule resources, quickly deploy innovative services, acquire a wealth of intelligent data, and assure secure and compliant services. Our solution draws on Huawei's extensive experience in digital transformation to help you along your cloud migration journey. We offer a cloud that is secure, stable, and efficient, specifically tailored for the finance industry. You can choose the deployment model that best suits your unique needs — private, hybrid, public, dedicated, or edge cloud. In any case, we will assure consistency across clouds through multi-architecture computing, multi-cloud interoperability, multi-domain disaster recovery, and multi-level cloud management.


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Rozwiązanie bankowości cyfrowej

Transformacja we właściwy sposób dzięki architekturze bankowości cyfrowej, która jest wystarczająco solidna, aby wspierać i wspierać przyszły wzrost.


Rozwiązanie finansowego AICC

Sztuczne inteligentne centrum kontaktowe (AICC) firmy Huawei pozwala zapewnić najlepszą obsługę klienta w wielu kanałach, w tym głosowych, tekstowych i wideo

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Rozwiązanie mobilnych finansów

Rozwiązanie mobilnych finansów firmy Huawei już wspiera banki w szybkim uruchamianiu mobilnych usług finansowych, odnosząc znaczący sukces.

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