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Customer Care

Huawei's Artificial Intelligent Contact Center (AICC) Solution lets you provide the best customer care across a range of channels, including voice, text, and video. Draw on the latest in user experience technologies, including speech/semantic recognition, natural language processing (NPL), HD video, and IoT to assure seamless user experience and efficient services.


Intelligent Conferencing

Fast Video Services

Provide users with secure video customer support and robo-advising anywhere thanks to our IVR for e-KYC

Superior Performance

Omni-Channel Access

Improve user experience by engaging with customers via mobile apps, social media, etc.

Smarter Services

Save costs and increase efficiency with 24/7 robot support, AI assistant, and intelligent quality assurance

Industrial Design

Simplified Operations

Streamline back-end customer services processes with our convenient and easy-to-use workbench


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Omni-media and omni-channel access

AICC supports access through voice, video, and multimedia channels

Open platform

A range of open APIs help you quickly develop a customer-facing platform that supports IVR


AI enables intelligent services including voice/chatbot, agent assistance, online quality assurance, and telemarketing

Global delivery experience

Huawei's global partner ecosystem facilitates standard engineering delivery and maintenance processes, assuring quality and stable operations