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Six Key Digital Transformation Trends in the Financial Industry

Chen Kun Te 2021-10-11
With such a clear development trend, we can find an easy path to achieve digital transformation. The financial industry needs to further accelerate digital transformation to adapt to the changing customer needs and emerging business models.

The Fastest Growing Fiber Internet Service Provider in the Philippines Future-Proofs DCI to Support the Digital Economy

When Converge ICT Solutions brought its fiber broadband technology to Manila, it faced three well-entrenched rivals. Today, it boasts a 50% market share, and is expanding into internet data centers.

Krajowa transformacja cyfrowa i inteligentne miasta: osiem działań, które zmienią przyszłość

Safder Nazir 2021-02-19
Zmiany mają znaczące konsekwencje dla ewolucji inteligentnych miast w kierunku miast kognitywnych i przyszłej krajowej transformacji cyfrowej. W artykule zwrócono uwagę na osiem istotnych czynników, które będą kształtować w przyszłości życie w mieście.
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The Digital Road to Energy Transition

David Sun 2021-02-10
Huawei provides a in-depth interruptionn of the "Platform + Ecosystem" strategy, with energy pyramid, to help global energy enterprises achieve success in digital transformation.
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Digital Identities Unlock Digital Transformation

Mohammed Sarrif 2021-02-24
Digital identities are a key component in the development of digital economies, the digital transformation of government, and the delivery of digital operating technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial automation. By identifying and authenticating people, software, hardware components, and digital services, new capabilities can be introduced rapidly and securely and integrated into ecosystems, delivering new capabilities using digital identities as a key component of integration.

Cloud, Big Data, 5G, and AI Accelerate Digital Transformation in Power Industry

Jack Chen 2020-07-09
More and more electric power companies now say that digital transformation strategies are their first priority. Through transformation, companies are building unified digital platforms to manage their mass internal operations systems as well as using existing data and resources to develop more business.
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iKnow: Huawei's Intelligent Customer Service Chatbot Solves Your Technical Problems

Yuan Chenlu 2020-09-29
In a digital age defined by game-changing technologies — from mobile Internet to Artificial Intelligence (AI) — life is lived at lightning speed, making fast and smooth customer service essential. This is where the value of automated customer service becomes abundantly clear. With traditional service channels, including phone and e-mail, unable to provide the immediate resolution that many consumers expect, the rapid growth in new services as well as the unexpected pandemic has only further driven home the point: efficient problem resolution is key to the customer experience.
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Thrive Digitally in a Mobile Future

Jason Cao 2020-06-20
A brief introduction of Huawei FSI's progress and perspective of the future.

200G vs. 400G: Przyjrzenie się rozwojowi sieci centrów danych

Lu Hai 2020-06-17
Sieci centrum danych, jako infrastruktura rozwoju usług internetowych, przeszły z początkowych sieci GE i 10GE do fazy połączenia 25G + 100G.

How the Sharing Economy Will Shape National Digital Transformation

Tony Li 2020-03-23
As we continue to embed digital technologies in our work and in our homes at an unprecedented rate, the world economy stands at a new tipping point. According to market research firm IDC, by 2023 the global economy will reach digital supremacy — the point at which products and services provided by digitally transformed enterprises will account for more than half of total global GDP.
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