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    OceanStor Pacific Storage for Video

    Fully symmetric converged architecture, superb cost-effectiveness, and ultra-reliability for multiple industries.


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New Video Applications Place Fresh Demands on Storage Performance

The digital construction of Smart Cities involves the wide use of videos and images, generating an enormous amount of unstructured data, placing new strains on infrastructure.

With video now needed to cover more and more walks of life, from airports to schools, video resolution is also increasing, from 1080p to 2K and even 4K. Plus required retention times are growing, typically from 30 to 90 days.

So new kinds of equipment are in play: recently deployed omni-data structuring cameras have replaced single object focus cameras, causing storage needs to swell by a factor of 10.

And, as the video, image, and linkage service decision-making process evolves to management and operation, higher reliability is also required.

Increasing capacity needs, longer retention periods, and higher reliability: all of this involves spiraling costs.

Choose Huawei Storage for Video

Huawei's cost-effective and reliable video and image storage products use fully symmetric converged architecture to advance digital transformation in a wide range of industries including government, transportation, education, and healthcare.

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Comprehensive Storage Solutions for All Applications

• Stream forwarding and storage: The OceanStor Pacific 93XX series has been designed with layered, decoupled architecture to deliver superior performance and reliability. These products are suitable for image storage, video storage, and mixed storage. • Direct stream storage: The OceanStor IVS3800 series offers cost-effective direct stream storage products, starting with one-storage-device configuration. These products are a great fit for scenarios that require integrated access and storage capabilities.


Fully Symmetric Converged Architecture

• Fully symmetric scale-out architecture: All nodes can provide data access services to external systems concurrently. In the event of up to four nodes experiencing faults, the system is engineered to mitigate any data loss or service interruption. • Service load balancing: N + 0 cloud-based clustering, service load balancing, and automatic service failover upon node failure.

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Exceptional Cost-Effectiveness

• Elastic Erasure Coding (EC): Huawei storage allows for up to 22 + 2 high-ratio EC with a utilization rate of 91.6%, balancing performance and costs. • SuperCoding: Triple and double storage capacity utilization for videos and images respectively, with a storage period of up to 60 days or more, surpassing the national ROI standard. SuperCoding reduces the physical space required by 60% and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 35%.

Automatic, Unified Interface

Unparalleled Reliability

• Solution: Multi-site Disaster Recovery (DR), ensuring high service availability. • System: No data loss or service interruption even when up to four nodes fail. • Components: Key component — fan and power supply — redundancy. • Input/Output (I/O): End to End (E2E) Data Integrity Field (DIF) consistency checks, protecting data integrity.

Related Products

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Stream Forwarding & Storage

The OceanStor Pacific 93XX series has been designed with a layered, decoupled architecture to deliver ultimate performance and reliability. Our stream forwarding & storage products are suitable for image storage, video storage, and mixed storage.