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    Intelligent services

    Explore the potential of power companies' resources and create new business models


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Intelligent services

Electric power companies have a huge amount of optical fibers, sites, and data center resources. These resources can be used to develop non-electrical services, such as power bandwidth operations and DC leasing.

Against the backdrop of carbon neutrality, enterprises need new development models. Currently, enterprises are facing problems such as rising electricity costs, frequent power supply restrictions, dual energy consumption controls, dual carbon emission controls, and declining product competitiveness due to carbon tariffs.

By changing the energy consumption structure of campuses, and developing integrated energy services and carbon asset management services, Huawei has helped build intelligent, low-carbon campuses, reducing energy costs for enterprises and supporting their sustainable development.


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Electric Power Broadband Operations Solution

Huawei's electric power broadband operations solution provides power customers with consulting, planning, and system integration services. Through business design and service design, this solution helps power customers quickly build networks and develop services at a low cost using surplus power grid resources, activate sleeping assets such as power fibers and equipment rooms, and carry out broadband operations services to increase business value.


Smart zero-carbon campus

The smart zero-carbon campus solution provides customers with campus management, carbon management, and energy management services. Covering all campus scenarios, the solution delivers a wide range of services and functions such as building facility monitoring and control, fault diagnosis, O&M and inspection, alarm management, work ticket management, monitoring and prediction of building energy consumption, linkage control, carbon emission monitoring/measurement/accounting/reporting, carbon asset management, carbon performance management, and carbon trading assistance.


Integrated energy services (IES)

The IES solution aims to build a comprehensive energy management platform that integrates with mainstream integrated energy systems and carbon management systems in the industry. The platform implements energy consumption monitoring, microgrid operation monitoring and mode control, energy consumption plan management, intelligent energy scheduling, and energy saving analysis and prediction. Combined with smart campus management and carbon management, the solution helps improve energy management and energy efficiency, and achieve dual-carbon goals.