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Powering Mining Campuses with Intelligence

With the majority of mines located in sparsely populated remote areas, working environment is often highly restrictive, with operations running around the clock. This limits employees' access to enjoying a fulfilled personal life as well as gaining differentiated working experiences. For many workers, this is not an attractive proposition. 

Intelligent mines, on the other hand, promote and attract workers that have a range of technological skills and knowledge. Quite simply, Huawei's Intelligent Mine Campus Solution helps to create a more engaging living and working environment.



A digital mine campus improves the working and living environment for employees.

Solution Highlights

  • AI care

    24-hour protection of the mine entrance, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Safety helmet identification. 

    Intelligent identification of indoor and outdoor personnel accidents. 

    Statistics regarding the entrance and exit of personnel. 

    Identification of high-risk behaviors in the mine entrance, such as smoking.

  • Substation Security

    Protection solutions for substations to implement comprehensive security and enhance production safety.

    Environment detection: Quickly identifying smoke and open flames, detecting abnormal temperatures, and proactively generating alarms.

    Intelligent perimeter detection: Quickly detecting abnormal behaviors within the preset range, such as fast moving, abandoned, or wrongfully removed objects, tripwire crossing, intrusion, wrongful entry or departure, and loitering.

    Robotic, automatic inspection: Instead of manual personnel, the system implements 24/7 inspection and uploads detection data in real time to analyze and detect issues.

  • Campus Traffic Management

    An intra-campus traffic management solution to intelligently manage vehicles entering and parking in the campus.

    License plate recognition.

    Parking violation alarm.

    Speeding identification.

    License plate recognition.

  • Official Reception

    The business reception solution helps the campus achieve End to End (E2E) reception management, improving the visitor experience.

    Parking navigation.

    App navigation.

    Accommodation arrangement.

    Dining reservation.

    Cleaning management.

    Accommodation arrangement.

    Mine entry appointment.

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